Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Reorganize 2012: Kitchen is done!

I took before pictures of the kitchen and now I can't find them.  But this kinds sums it up, we have very long counter space but because there is so much stuff on there, the place to work is really skinny.  It was time for a change.  

I rearranged everything on that long counter.  I switched the mixer and white bread box.  That has made a huge difference.  I put things away like our food processor.  Since I cleaned out the cabinets, there was space for that. 
Here is my kitchen with all the cabinets open.  I have to say that since I reorganized last year, only a few cabinets got bad.  I think the way I changed things this year, next year it should be even easier to reorganize.  

Here is a closer look...
The bread box and toaster are right next to each other.  I am not sure why it took me so long to realize they should be next to each other. We do toast all our bread for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch.

The mixer has a new home at the end of the counter.  I actually don't mix over there, I move it next to the sink when I need to.  Hubby thought I was nuts and should just keep it next to the sink but I really want that counter clear every day.  It is heavy and I use it a lot and so far I actually like moving it.  It is easier to clean it up when it is next to the sink. 
Our table for once this month is clear.  I can't say that for night now because I have birthday projects going but there was a mystery pile of things that didn't have a home at the end of the table and now it is gone.

PB's artwork had taken over the fridge.  I should mention that I really don't like things hanging on the fridge except for the special things, like pics of my nephew.  I moved PB's art display space to our magnetic garage door.  It is out of my way and I love that the fridge is clear. The counter next to the sink is free of a mail pile! I have also been really good about not saving dirty dishes for the next day.  When I go grocery shopping I actually have a place to put the bags to unload.  

That little counter is where hubby keeps his tea kettle.  He has a tea drawer below it so everything has a home over there.  My mail center is still in use and I love it.  There has been no mail pile since I made the switch.  

I love the way my kitchen looks now and it is so much easier to cook in.   Take a look at your counters and see if there are a few things that could be rearranged to make it easier to use.  

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erica said...

What a lovely space. The kitchen looks wonderful! xo

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