Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kermit party: decor, games and craft

PB chose a Kermit party for his birthday this year!!  
This kid is Kermit crazy! I was even lucky enough to find this Kermit hoodie at Target on clearance a few weeks before the party.  He was so excited and so surprised at all the decorations. 
Confession, I went a little Kermit crazy.  My Mom got me a circle cutter for Christmas and I just couldn't wait to make a Kermit garland.  (link at end of post to print your own kermit garland)

I hung it under the mantle and put some balloons around that I decorated to look like...

Kermit! I just couldn't resist. (links at end of post for printable)

I put some Kermits on the favor bags. (links at end of post for printables.)

Some of the extra loose Kermits were taped around the house.  
I found some printables online and printed out this Kermit.  Here is a closer look at the single Kermits I made.

One of the games we played was pin the cowl on Kermit. PB keeps calling his neck thing a cowl.  
I did an image search on google and found this Kermit and used that as a reference when I drew it on large green paper from Joanns.  The yellow cowls each have the kids names on them and were taped on the door, ready for the game.  

I took some extra Kermit eyes that I made and taped them to PB's sunglasses to use as the blindfold for the game.

And now for my favorite thing I made for his party...
I followed this tutorial from alicia policia to make this pull string piñata.  I will say that just the front of the piñata took at least 5 hours to glue on.  The back and sides probably took about 3 nights of TV watching.  It was not an easy project but I started it a few weeks before and worked on it while watching TV.  I love that it is pull string, not just because 3 year olds should not be given bats, but because it didn't get destroyed.

I hung it nice and high in our foyer.  

Here are our party guests pulling the strings all at once.  I stuffed it full of little toys, plastic necklaces, chocolate and lollipops.  The kiddos collected their loot in their favor bags.  

We did one quick craft...
I printed off these free puppet printables from Disney and only printed the Kermit.  

This was such a fun party to throw. made it easy with their whole page dedicated to The Muppets.  There are recipes, games, crafts, printables and lots of Muppet fun.  I had a blast looking at everything.  I printed off the chain, Muppet car and the globe and had them around the house too.  At the end of the party my Mom had the idea to pack everything from the party into the piñata.  Now everything is stored and ready to go if I ever need it.  

I have a few fun things to share with you. I made some templates so you can make your own Kermit garland, favor bags and pieces for the balloons.  For personal use only, please!  Enjoy!!

For the banner, print off these 3 pdf files.
Kermit's eyes- print on white
Kermit's mouth- print on pink
I colored in the black of the eyes and the red of the tongue.

For the favor bags (6 bags), print off these 2 pdf files:
Kermit's mouths- print on pink
Kermit's eyes- print on white
I made the cowls free hand on yellow paper.
I colored in the black of the eyes and the red of the tongue.

For the balloons print off these 2 pdf files:
Kermit's eyes- print on white
Kermit's mouths- print on pink
I colored in the black of the eyes and the red of the tongue.

Tomorrow I'll share the food!

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Unknown said...

It is all just so cute. I love the Muppets but Kermit is my all time fav.

KendasCrafts said...

sooo cute! What a fun party! Happy birthday to your little guy!

Lady Behind The Curtain said...

What a cute party! I would love it if you came over to Cast Party Wednesday and shared your ideas with us! Thanks, I hope to see you there! ---Sheryl---

Shooting Stars Mag said...

this is so adorable. it's great you were able to find some fun things online for Kermit. Always helpful!! I really love the pinata too. great job.


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