Friday, December 31, 2010

PB says "Orange"

This is a very special orange Friday. This morning I was getting clothes out for Peanut Butter and I pulled out this shirt and he yelled "orange!" Then he started jumping in bed and saying it over and over again. He learned his colors this week and it was the first time he got excited about orange.

Today I also got together with some friends from high school. We met at Chocolate World in Hershey Park. It was so nice getting to see each other and gossip and catch up. There was a whole fabulous orange display that Peanut Butter got excited about. I love that he gets excited about orange!!

Turkey Bowl

This is my favorite use of turkey dinner leftovers.  I made a full turkey dinner for Christmas and have been enjoying these bowls all week!

Usually I don't like my food to touch, but this is so delicious, I don't mind.  

It is a perfect meal in a bowl that will make your belly warm in this chilly weather.

Turkey bowls- recipe by me
dark meat turkey
mashed potatoes

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. 

Start with an oven safe bowl and spray it with cooking spray.  Break up the stuffing and make that your bottom layer.  Add tiny teaspoons of cold gravy on top.

The next layer is turkey.  This is a great way to use up dark meat.  Drop more tiny teaspoons of cold gravy on top of the turkey.

Spoon the mashed potatoes on and top with a pat of butter.

Bake for 20 minutes and serve hot.  Add salt and pepper to taste.

My Mom and Hubby like to add extra gravy on top.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Deep Pocket Scarf

When I saw Delia's deep pocket scarf, I knew I needed to whip some up for gifts.  Not only was it one of the quickest gifts I made this year, it was also really fun to make.  I think I am going to make some for Hubby and I next.  I made one for my Bro, SIL and my Mom.  of course i forgot to take pics of the ones I sent off to my Bro and SIL but his was Phillies print and hers was a pink and brown print.  This one is my Mom's.  I convinced her to model it for me.  She is adorable :) This is also her last day here :( But she will be back in March for Peanut Butter's Birthday!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Gathered Clutchs

I made this for my Sister-in-Law.  I followed Noodlehead's pattern for the gathered clutch.  It was so easy to follow.  This is going to be my go-to gift from now on.  Especially for teachers.

In this one I did the card holder and the divider.  I never did a zipper like this before and Anna's instructions were so simple and easy to follow.  This was the first one I made and It was a success!

I love the little love birds on the stripe.  It reminded me of my SIL and my Bro, they are so cute together.  
These 2 i forgot to pin in the handle before I sewed them so I made a key chain.

Here is a small peek at the rest of them.  

I didn't do card holders or dividers in these. They were really fun to sew up! In fact I made about 6 others that I didn't take pics of.  

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Manly Drawer Smelly Things

My brother had "smelly drawer things, but manly" on his Christmas list.  (Don't worry we took 2 man cards from him already.)  I remembered seeing something online a while ago to make them and found this tutorial.  I used Lemongrass essential oil to add manly smell to the cornstarch.  They were very easy to whip up, and since they are going in his drawer they don't have to look too pretty.  I wrote on one of them with a sharpie.  I hope he liked the smell.

Monday, December 27, 2010

a special week...

This week is very special.  I have some posts scheduled to share some of the things I made for gifts this year.  And my mom is here all this week and Hubby is off work so we have some big plans. Like Hubby and I get to go to the movies while she is here! Whooohooo!! Enjoy! Have a fabulous week!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

The beer and cookies are all ready for Santa. 
Peanut Butter tasted one to make sure they were yummy.

Thanks so much for reading!  I hope you have a wonderful day!! 
Merry Christmas!

Orange Coffee Cups

Happy Orange Friday!! My hubby and I are not coffee drinkers so I only get to enjoy my orange mugs when my Mom visits.  My Mom and I have been doing a lot of baking and cooking this week.  We made homemade marshmallows and dipped them in dark chocolate. They are beyond delicious.  Here is the recipe I follow.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Recycled Tree Topper

This is a star made from Christmas cards.  These cards are from the first Christmas my Hubby and I were living together.  I wanted to do something special with the cards to make them a keepsake.  I have no idea where is got the pattern since I made this over 8 years ago, but I found a great tutorial if you want to make one with your left over cards.  I filled the creases in with glitter.  It adds some sparkle and hides the seams.  

Ove the years I hung the star places around the house and this year I decided it should be our tree topper.  We didn't have a tree topper, this is only the 3rd tree we have had since living together.  At the after Christmas sales I never came across one I liked.  Luckily this tree had many tops I nested it in the branches.  I guess if this doesn't work with the next tree I'll make a wire base to attach to the tree.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Super Simple Card Holder

In years past I have taped our holiday cards to the basement door.  They would fall off constantly and it didn't look very nice.  So the other day I was sitting on the couch and had a "duh" moment looking at my fabric covered wall art. 

 Here is the before:
I can see this from my couch, it is on the way out to the garage and sometimes I pin important things that I need to take with me on the board.  It is a piece of pink insulation board covered in batting and a fun orange bandana.  Since the base is foam, it is the perfect message board or card holder...

Here is the after:
I just covered it with some fun festive fabric.  I actually ran to the store right after the idea popped into my head. The orange bandana is still underneath, I just pinned this on top. 

A mini tutorial:
The pink foam insulation board was a left over from making my teaching boards when I was in college.  If you have never played with insulation board, it is fantastic.  Very lightweight and strong it is really great for building things or covered in fabric it is the perfect lightweight cornice board or bulletin board. When you cut it, you score across the whole piece and hold the cut against an edge of a table or wall and break the piece apart.  My foam piece is 20X20 and it is covered in 2 layers of batting.  

Pin the sides down making sure it is straight with the pattern.  I used straight pins.

For perfect corners: Fold the top part up and pin.

And then fold up the rest of the fabric and pin.

I used a soda tab secured with a T-pin to hang it on the wall, this was my Mom's idea, she is brilliant!

All you have to do is pin your cards up with a straight pin.  
Now that we have a lot of cards on there you can't see the festive fabric.  Oh well. 

My Mom, the clutter shark, is coming to visit tonight!!! I am so excited!! I haven't seen her since July, but don't feel too bad for us, we talk on the phone A LOT.  I have some things scheduled to post while she is here through New Years, so if I don't get back to emails or comments it's because we are having so much fun.  Or it is because she is making me clutter shark something :) love you Mom!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Simple Holiday Decor

I saw this idea today by Jenn over at Peas and Crayons.  I loved how she put the festive paper in her glass cabinets.  I was super jealous because I don't have any glass cabinets.  (i am too messy for glass cabinets!!)  She suggested using a frame instead.  So I covered my paintings that are next to my Christmas tree.  They were orange before, no surprise. I was thinking I could make some festive paintings for next year, but this was way easier!  It only took 10 minutes!!  It probably would take less time if you don't have a 21 month old trying to sit on the paper and paintings while you wrap them. 

I used 2 different kinds of paper.  The plain chartreuse paper looked too plain so I took some leftover paper and cut out a snowflake and taped it down with the white side up.  I didn't tape it totally flat, it pops up off the painting.  

Peanut Butter is obsessed with the tree.  He likes to touch one light.  Now the whole room looks more festive!  Thanks Jenn!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Orange Tree

Ok I know, I have a tree problem.  But this is the last one... this year anyway :)  I used a cardboard tree form that I got on super sale at Hobby Lobby and covered with the orange vinyl I picked up about a month ago.  I cut the vinyl to fit the sides and hot glued the edges down. The seams were a little funky so I took some beaded necklaces I picked up for a dollar and glued them to the seams.  

I think it looks pretty nice on my shelves.  There can never be too much orange!
  And my Mom very sweetly pointed out that my chili pepper plate didn't match.  Thanks Mom, :) see you Monday!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Favorite Holiday Cookie

I love making cookies.  When I was thinking about cookies I loved growing up, it was the 7 layer cookies I always made with my Mom.  They are rich and chewy and we always cut them very small so we can pop the whole thing in our mouths.  I just found out that these are my bro's favorite cookies too, I guess my Dad was right, we do share a brain :)

Funny story about when I asked my Mom for this recipe.  When I moved out of the house and was collecting my favorite recipes from my Mom, I was shocked to find out that most of her recipes are from the back of a can or bag. Its like when I called her for her pumpkin pie recipe and she told me to buy the Libby's can and follow that recipe.  This cookie bar recipe is on the back of the Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk can.  My most favorite thing about making these cookies is that it only dirties one dish, the pan you bake them in.  

This is my Hubby's favorite cookie.  It is an Italian Ricotta Cookie.  I wish I could share the recipe with you, but it is a family recipe.  So instead I will tease you with one more picture.

So moist and delicious. mmmmm... cookies.  

Ok enough teasing.  Here is the recipe for the 7 layer cookies.  Now the back of the can calls them magic cookie bars. They really are magically delicious.  

1 stick butter melted
1 1/2 cup crushed graham crackers
1 can Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk
2 cups dark chocolate chips
1 1/3 cup coconut
1 cup chopped walnuts

Preheat oven to 325 degrees for glass and 350 degrees for metal.

Spray 13 X 9 pan with cooking spray. Put melted butter in pan.  Sprinkle graham cracker crumbs over butter and press firmly.  Top with sweetened condensed milk.  Sprinkle with chocolate chips, coconut and nuts.  Using wax paper press down firmly on the cookies.  Bake for 25-30 minutes.  Let cool completely before cutting.  Cut into one inch squares.  

Monday, December 13, 2010

Ribbon Wrapped Tree

OK, I'll admit it, trees are my favorite holiday decoration.  I really like the shape of the cone and I love how the different textures and colors work together.  I bought 2 cardboard tree forms at Hobby Lobby on super sale and have been staring at them trying to figure out what to do.  Then I found this ribbon that looked like a disco ball and decided I would wrap the tree in 2 kinds of ribbon.  I tried doing it other ways, but it wasn't turning out nice.  So I decided to alternate the ribbons and create a stripe.  I almost gave up all together and just glittered the whole thing, but I am so glad I didn't give up. I have one more left and am working on one more tree this year too so stay tuned!

I first did a dry run by cutting my ribbon and taping it in place to make sure everything was the right size.  I used 4 spools of ribbon I think it was 9 feet long. I got it at joanns.

(very sparkly ribbon. the first pic doesn't show off the sparkle)

I started at the top and worked my way down to the bottom.  I overlapped each row a tiny bit so no cardboard was peeking out.  I hot glued one side of the ribbon down first and wrapped the ribbon around the cone and hot glued the end down.  I tried to make sure the seams were all on one side of the tree.  It was pretty simple to do, mapping it out was the hardest part and it took a long time. Gluing only took 20 minutes, and was so fun.  I love hot glue guns!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Orange on my Christmas Pillows

Orange is not a typical color for Christmas.  But for our house it makes sense, there is no way we can de-orange our house.  This pillow was a placemat that I got at an after Christmas sale at Target for 50 cents!!! There were only 3 left which was perfect for our couch. I used a seam ripper to open a little seam in the bottom and stuffed it full and then whip stitched it shut. I made these a few years ago and I always look forward to putting them out every year.  Yes we do have a red couch, before you gasp in shock, we couldn't find an orange one when we had to buy a couch, but this will be my next couch... someday.  (ACK when looking for the link i saw that they are sold out of parts of the couch.... OH NO!!!!!)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Baby Shower Gift

I am finally allowed to shout this news as loud as I want:
I AM GOING TO BE AN AUNT!!!!! I am so excited that my brother and his wife are having a baby!! This gift is not for them, I like to think of it as a warm up to all the sewing to come :)

My Hubby's cousin is having a baby and I decided to do a homemade gift for them. So I made a few quilted burp cloths, some crinkly taggie toys, a nursing cover, a car seat blanket and a boppy cover.  It was a really fun gift to make!  She is having a boy and i knew she has sky blue and brown as her colors for the nursery.  I did take some pics of possible fabrics and sent them to her so she could pick her favorites.  We both had the same favorites, which made it even more fun!

the nursing cover. I wanted it to be in her color palate, but also feminine.
(tutorial coming soon)

Quilted Burp Cloths

Crinkly taggie toys

I made a bunch of these for Peanut Butter when he was a few months old.  I used wipes refill bags as the crinkle.  I'll make a tutorial for this soon too :)

Boppy cover and car seat blanket.  I bought a pillow at Joanns and followed the pattern on the bag.  It has an invisible zipper, that was surprisingly easy to sew.  Also I stuffed the pillow with extra stuffing because it didn't feel full enough.  
With the leftover fabric I made a small blanket that will be a perfect fit when the baby is in the infant car seat.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

more 5 minute trees

The 5 minute garland tree was so easy to make I decided my shelf needed a few more. The red one has a lot of pink in it and the white one was a more fluffy garland.  
But I think these simple trees need a topper, especially the white one.  The top of that one is flat!  SInce the trees are styrofoam underneath i was thinking something I could just use a long T-pin to attach.  
Any suggestions?

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