Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Our 2nd/8th Anniversary

 Hubby and I were married on Leap Day in 2004 on the beach in Negril, Jamaica. 
We used to celebrate every year with a traditional wedding gift and then for our 1st/4th anniversary we decided to go on a trip.  Then the next year I was pregnant with PB so we decided just to go out to dinner.  The past 2 years we just celebrated with a nice dinner. When you have a kid the best gift of all is a quiet meal out :) But since this year is our real anniversary, we are doing gifts.  The traditional anniversary gift is bronze/pottery and the modern is linen/lace.  They are not very inspirational but I did think of something.  I'll share later in the week, we haven't exchanged gifts yet today :)

I really can't believe that we have been married 8 years already.  It seems like more HA!! Well, we have been together for 14.5 years.  We actually went to the Senior Prom together...
as friends. 

 My Hubby is the most loving, supportive, trustworthy, thoughtful, kind, sexy, fun, smart, lovable person.  I am so lucky to have him as my partner. I love traveling with him and I love how we both will walk until our feet fall off to see a new city.  Hubby is the best father and seeing how amazing he is with PB makes me fall in love with him all over. I love that he knows exactly what I am thinking and always makes me feel special.  He also knows when I need chocolate :)  
I feel lucky that he is the person I get to have all these life experiences with.  He is so much fun to be with and I love doing anything and nothing with him.  
Happy Anniversary, sweetheart, I love you! I can't wait for a quiet dinner tonight with some adult beverages :)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Reorganize 2012: Upstairs is done!

I worked like a mad woman yesterday and crossed a bunch of things off my list.
I completed all the upstairs things on my list. including my laundry room.
Before.  I love having a rod in there to air dry all my shirts.  The problem is that I will get dressed from the laundry room and the shirts always are there.  I am going to try to put my shirts away once they are dry, I am going to break this bad habit once and for all!
After.  My laundry room behind the clothes wasn't too bad.  Just some plastic bags that needed to be cleared out and things on the shelf needed to be straightened up.  The top of the washer and dryer were dirty so they got a good scrub down and so did the fronts. 

My closet wasn't so bad.  Last year I did a major clean out and I really kept it clean.  There were just a few things out of place and in 10 minutes it was back to this.  I did not clean out my clothes or get rid of anything.  I decided that since I am really watching what I am eating and exercising a ton I am going to hold off on getting rid of things.  Our closet is ridiculously big and it isn't like it is overflowing or over stuffed. I know there are things in there I am not wearing but I want to give it some time and see what kind of change I can make with myself. 

My goal was to just finish the upstairs part of the list, but I ended up even doing some work on my craft area...
I made it extra big so you could see how I destroyed it from last year.  I am not quite finished. So I'll share pics when I am done.

I did find a project that I was working on last year for PB's birthday.  I had to abandon it because it was getting too close to his party and I thought I NEEDED to paint all the characters from Timmy Time.

We got PB a kitchen for his 2nd birthday and I wanted to make him an apron and chef hat like I made all his friends.  Poor PB, I made these for all his friends and he didn't get one.  Well, at least I finished it before his 3rd Birthday!
I quick sewed it up today when I was done sorting the fabric pile.  PB was thrilled.  I was happy that I got one thing off my to do pile. I have a hefty to do pile.  I just need to figure out how to organize it so I actually do it. I have 2 quilts that I have all the fabric for and just need to be started.  One is for PB's bed.  I need to start that one since he always gets the short end of the sewing stick.  

I am so close to being done with reorganizing! I can't wait!! I am going to try to not save things for the cluttershark, my mom.  But I know there are a few things that I would like to work on with her/need her to kick me in the ass to complete, like the entertaining closet :) 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Orange utility knife

I was cutting some cardboard this week for something I am making for PB's 3rd birthday party and I realized I was cutting with orange. :)  I also was cutting outside while PB played on the driveway because the weather was so nice.  I have had this knife since college.  It has cut tons of paper and boards for projects over the years.  I can't wait to show you what I was cutting cardboard for!!

This was a great week, I got to do a little sewing and I'll share some pics of what I made next week.  I had so much fun making it and picking out the fabric.  I did make a little progress on my reorganization 2012 list and am really hoping to cross off a ton of things on Sunday.  I made this Monster Cookie Dough Dip yesterday for a little get together at my house today.  It is so yummy, not very healthy, but yummy!

Happy Weekend!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Reorganize 2012: The Pantry

UGH, my pantry.  This is the one place in my house that no matter how much I try to sort and organize it always ends up looking like this in a month.  I think the problem is that the pantry is 20 inches wide.  That is not a lot of room to move around in there.  So here is my disaster area....
Hubby jokes that this pantry gets like the Temple of Doom.  You have to reach into places you can't see to get things.  I guess reaching through cans is better than cobwebs, but I still don't want a Temple of Doom pantry.  

I usually go shelf by shelf and clear and reorganize.  This time I did a total empty.  I think the total empty worked better because I could evaluate the items I had and grouped them better.    

I piled everything on the counter and...

 ... on the floor.  I trashed things as I pulled them out and recycled what I could. Then I grouped things and put them away.  Most things are organized the way I had them before.  My pasta still lives in the same place.  Here is the after:

It still looks really full, but when I open the door, there is no fear that something will fall out.  my baking shelf is still packed full.  Now PB has a shelf that all of his snacks are stored on and he can access them.  It isn't great, but it is the best I can do with the space I have.  

I think the only thing that could actually make this a truly organized space is if I tore it out and put in one of those pull out pantries.  A girl can dream, maybe one day I will have the pleasure of beating this pantry with a sledge hammer and starting from scratch.  

This whole project took me less than an hour.  Do you have a Temple of Doom pantry?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Orange double vase

Someone very special just gave me this fantastic orange vase this week.  My Hubby's Aunt, she is just the sweetest! She had no idea that I have been eyeing up this vase at Target and getting ready to make it mine.  In fact when PB and I would shop he would point to it and say that it was mommy's.  Smart kid.  It has a new home at my house.  I can't wait to see it with some fresh flowers in it.  But for now it is hanging out on my shelf making things a little more orange. 

I got a hair cut this week.  I don't get my hair cut as often as I should.  The last time I went was May and I cut 7 inches off.  It all grew back and then some.  You could argue that it doesn't look much different, just shorter.  But this time I got some long layers to break it up a bit.  Plus the last time I tried to "fancy fix" my hair with hot rollers, nothing happened.  It was just too all one length and long. I can't wait to try the hot rollers again and see how it looks.  It is fun getting a little different hairstyle in the winter especially since this is not when I normally cut my hair.  

I made a cheesecake yesterday.  We are getting together with some friends this weekend.  I have been doing outstanding with my workouts and eating that I can't wait to dive in to that baby tomorrow night. YUM!! Hubby was away all week and I got minimal organizing done.  Maybe this weekend I will get to make some progress.  Happy Weekend!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's pancakes

I made PB some special pancakes this morning. I had this idea last night to make heart shaped pancakes with heart shaped strawberries...
My plan was to put them in the pancakes.  I don't have a heart mold as you can see. I put the pancakes mix in a zip top bag and cut a tiny hole in the corner and then drew the hearts on the griddle.  It was more difficult then I thought it would be.  I did have to clean up the shape a little bit with my spatula.  

PB was happy.  He loved them!  I don't make scratch pancakes, in fact I wish I had the mix that you just add water to to have less to clean up now.  

This is the first time we celebrated Valentine's Day.  Since Hubby and I don't do anything I kinda forget about the holiday.  I got a little last minute gift for PB.  

Only this kid would be excited about a button down shirt or as he calls them, "Daddy shirts."

Hope you have a lovely day!

Chicken Flautas

I guess a good Happy Valentine's Day is in order. Hubby and I don't celebrate so it didn't really occur to me that PB would be into it.  But yesterday PB told me he wants to celebrate.  I am not going all out crazy, maybe a little heart shaped pancakes for breakfast and a new shirt.  This kid loves button down shirts and is going to be so excited to get a new one.  Hubby is away on business and is actually meeting up with his best friend tonight. I love that the 2 of them will be going out on Valentine's Day, cracks me up picturing them out with all the couples.  So I think maybe PB and I will go out for dinner tonight to celebrate, maybe even get dressed up.  Or maybe just stay home and eat some flautas...

This is my go to meal right now.  I have not been in the mood to be adventurous with dinner and this is the only new thing I have made lately.  If you can make a quesadilla, you are half way to making flautas.  I just pick up a rotisserie chicken and shred it.  Then I spread some chipotle salsa on a tortilla and sprinkle some cheese and add the shredded chicken.  Roll that tortilla up and poke a toothpick through it to hold it closed.  I brush a little olive oil on the outside and cook until it is nice and brown on all sides.  

I serve with rice and black beans, PB's favorite. I also put out some guac and plain greek yogurt for dipping.  If you are still eating fat free sour cream, you need to make the switch to greek yogurt.  It is really thick like real sour cream and it tastes almost the same.  The first time you eat it you will notice a small difference but then you are used to it.  I top my baked potato with tons of it and have stopped using butter.  I also use it to make all my dips now instead of sour cream.  AND there is no fat, tons of protein and very few calories. That dollop on my plate is about 11 calories, how ridiculous!!! Sorry, I got a little sidetracked. PB loves this meal, he likes quesadillas and this is just a little bit different and he loves dipping.  You have to try this!

If you celebrate, I hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day.  

Friday, February 10, 2012

Orange watering can

This is yet another gift from my Hubby.  He seriously finds the coolest orange things for me!!  The black rubber hose has a magnet on it to hold the hose on for storage.  So you don't tip it to water your plants like a regular watering can. It is actually a little tricky to use.  If you just pull the hose out, the water very quickly shoots out the hose and makes a giant mess.  You have to watch how high the cylinder is to the hose, it has to be lower and then you slowly raise it to let the water out. I have to turn my brain on the water the plants.  haahaa. 

A few Fridays ago I posted these scissors.  I got a few emails about them.  They are designed by Michael Sodeau. They come in other colors too :)

I have a sick little guy home with me today.  He usually goes to school on Fridays.  There go my plans today :)  Happy Weekend!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

What I've been up to

My Hubby had a conference in Florida 2 weeks ago and PB and I tagged along.  We were on our own for a few days and then my Hubby extended his trip and took a few days off.  It was really nice to spend time just the 3 of us with no distractions.  

The best part of the trip... FISH TACOS!!! I ate them every chance I got.  I probably had them like 8 times.  I love them they are fantastic.  I am definitely going to have to make them at home more often.

Since we were in Florida, I am a bit behind in my reorganizing.

The past 2 weeks I have been down right lazy.

I am still in vacation mode and just can't snap out of it.  

My house is a disaster, I haven't been sewing at all, and cooking dinner has been such a chore.  
I still wish I was in this pool.  PB swam all by himself that week.  It was awesome to watch him be so brave in the water.  

I have made good strides this week getting things back together.  I have a few projects to sew that need to get done this week.  I really want to get moving on the reorganizing.  PB's birthday is almost a month away.  I have been working hard on my best friend B's wedding invitations. My workout schedule has been fantastic!  I have been working out 6 times a week! But since I have been so focused on that, this blog has been taking the back burner to me working out. 

Hopefully this weekend I get some reorganizing done while my Hubby isn't working.  Turns out PB helping me reorganize is really not help and is slowing me down.  Hubby is doing a lot of travel in the next few weeks which will force me to stay home during nap time and hopefully attack my to do list.  Stick around, I have a lot more embarrassing messes in my house to share with you.  Now, i'm off to sew for the first time in weeks!! 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Guest Post: Matching Cousins Jammies

I guest posted over at Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy! a few weeks ago.  I wanted to repost it up here too. The post was part of a pump up series for Stacey's Sewing for Boys Sew Along.  She is focusing on one pattern a month which means by the end of the year your little guy could have 12 customs pieces in his wardrobe.  I am totally participating in this! I did flake out in January though and miss the deadline, but I have every intention of making that one up and sewing along this month. Here is my guest post:

Hi Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy! readers, my name is Kris and I blog over at everywhere orange
I am a wife and stay at home mom to an almost 3 year old boy. I gave up my job as a high school art teacher to stay at home with my son.  Everywhere orange is my space that is just for me to share crafts, cooking and a little orange.  Every Friday I share an orange item in my house.  It is shocking how much orange is in this house :)  I was so excited when Stacey asked me to be apart of this pump up series and had a hard time deciding which project to pick from this awesome book.  I can't wait for the sew along there are so many things that I want to make!!

When I was looking through the book one thing stood out as the first thing I needed to make... matching cousin jammies!! We had just booked our flights to go to Arizona for my nephew's first Christmas when I got this book.  Cousins need matching pajamas.  My mom used to get me and my girl cousins matching pajamas for sleepovers when we were little.  It was so cute and fun so I wanted to do the same for my little boy and his cousin.  
N, my nephew and Peanut Butter (PB), my son

I used the goodnight, sweetheart pjs pattern for PB's bottoms and the mr. two face pants pattern for N's bottoms.  I made them appliqued shirts to go with the pants.  
I modified the pattern by making the cuff and the pocket a contrasting fabric.  
The pants are plain when extended and then you can see the contrasting fabric when cuffed.  The cuff is tacked in place and can be let down as your little one gets bigger. Genius!!  

The mr. two face pants pattern doesn't have a cuff so I added some fabric to the bottom of the pants to match PB's pants
I just cut the pants a little shorter than the pattern and added a 3 inch piece of the contrasting fabric.  All of my seams were serged but a serger is not necessary.

The goodnight, sweetheart pjs pattern in the book has a matching shirt to go along with it.  I have been sewing for a few years but am still not confident making shirts.  I am scared of sleeves.  Hopefully i will get over that fear doing this sew along :) So I went back to an old favorite of mine and did a little applique with some red fleece.  

I used one of the snowflakes in the fabric pattern and enlarged it for the applique on the shirts.  I couldn't find a cheap, long sleeve shirt for PB so...
... I cut off the sleeves from one of his old shirts and attached them to the short sleeves.  

Matching cousins jammies sure do make for a cute Christmas morning.  

Thanks Stacey for asking me to be apart of this pump up series! I have had a blast seeing what everyone is making.  I am officially pumped!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Orange pot strainer

This orange strainer nicely fits on the one side of my pot and strains my pasta water without using the big separate colander.  It definitely works the best with shape pasta and not so much with long skinny pasta.  I use it the most when I make orecchiette with spinach and sausage.  I love it because I can just dump the spinach and sausage from the pan into this big pot and there is a lot more room to mix it all up.  A few nights ago PB asked specifically for pasta with spinach and sausage for dinner and then ate 2 helpings of it.  He won't eat spinach by itself but with pasta, he loves it.  If you haven't tried it yet, you should!  I have been enjoying it for lunch the last few days and It tastes great cold :)

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Reorganization 2012: goodbye mail pile!

Happy Groundhog Day!! I love February.  This February is special because it is a leap year. Hubby and I got married on leap day.  This year we will get to celebrate our 2nd leap year anniversary meaning we have been married 8 years.  Hubby and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day so it's all about Groundhog Day and our anniversary in February :)  

Now on to the reorganization...

This is where the mail pile usually lives.  This is a tame week.  Most weeks the pile is as high as the ledge.  When the dirty dishes would get all piled up, there wasn't enough room on that counter to even set down a glass of water.  This pile made me crazy and I know it drove my Hubby crazy. Even after I went through the pile there would still be a little stack of papers left and they needed a home.  

I asked my clutter shark Mom to find me something that could stick to the fridge and hold a file folder. She found this.  

The magnet sticks to the fridge and the file holder hooks right on.

I picked up a fun 2 pack of folders in the dollar section of target.  The pile that was left on the counter could be split into 2 categories, coupons and important.  So I made some labels and stored all my papers.  

I hung it on the side of my fridge in the space where I keep my broom and mop.  A bonus, is it helps hold the broom and mop handles in.  It is out of regular sight and it makes me happy.  

The counter is so much bigger without that silly mail pile.  There is a little work that has to be done everyday to make sure it doesn't return.  I just have to open all the mail and recycle or sort it.  Oh and now I keep my magazines under the coffee table, that seems to be working.  

Do you have a mail pile that drives you crazy?  Have you ever gone to see the groundhog?  I am totally obsessed and really want to go one year :)
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