Monday, February 27, 2012

Reorganize 2012: Upstairs is done!

I worked like a mad woman yesterday and crossed a bunch of things off my list.
I completed all the upstairs things on my list. including my laundry room.
Before.  I love having a rod in there to air dry all my shirts.  The problem is that I will get dressed from the laundry room and the shirts always are there.  I am going to try to put my shirts away once they are dry, I am going to break this bad habit once and for all!
After.  My laundry room behind the clothes wasn't too bad.  Just some plastic bags that needed to be cleared out and things on the shelf needed to be straightened up.  The top of the washer and dryer were dirty so they got a good scrub down and so did the fronts. 

My closet wasn't so bad.  Last year I did a major clean out and I really kept it clean.  There were just a few things out of place and in 10 minutes it was back to this.  I did not clean out my clothes or get rid of anything.  I decided that since I am really watching what I am eating and exercising a ton I am going to hold off on getting rid of things.  Our closet is ridiculously big and it isn't like it is overflowing or over stuffed. I know there are things in there I am not wearing but I want to give it some time and see what kind of change I can make with myself. 

My goal was to just finish the upstairs part of the list, but I ended up even doing some work on my craft area...
I made it extra big so you could see how I destroyed it from last year.  I am not quite finished. So I'll share pics when I am done.

I did find a project that I was working on last year for PB's birthday.  I had to abandon it because it was getting too close to his party and I thought I NEEDED to paint all the characters from Timmy Time.

We got PB a kitchen for his 2nd birthday and I wanted to make him an apron and chef hat like I made all his friends.  Poor PB, I made these for all his friends and he didn't get one.  Well, at least I finished it before his 3rd Birthday!
I quick sewed it up today when I was done sorting the fabric pile.  PB was thrilled.  I was happy that I got one thing off my to do pile. I have a hefty to do pile.  I just need to figure out how to organize it so I actually do it. I have 2 quilts that I have all the fabric for and just need to be started.  One is for PB's bed.  I need to start that one since he always gets the short end of the sewing stick.  

I am so close to being done with reorganizing! I can't wait!! I am going to try to not save things for the cluttershark, my mom.  But I know there are a few things that I would like to work on with her/need her to kick me in the ass to complete, like the entertaining closet :) 


Unknown said...

I am super impressed!

Shanea said...

You are making me want to get off of the computer and get to purging. I may just do that or at least make a plan. Looks fantastic!

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