Friday, February 10, 2012

Orange watering can

This is yet another gift from my Hubby.  He seriously finds the coolest orange things for me!!  The black rubber hose has a magnet on it to hold the hose on for storage.  So you don't tip it to water your plants like a regular watering can. It is actually a little tricky to use.  If you just pull the hose out, the water very quickly shoots out the hose and makes a giant mess.  You have to watch how high the cylinder is to the hose, it has to be lower and then you slowly raise it to let the water out. I have to turn my brain on the water the plants.  haahaa. 

A few Fridays ago I posted these scissors.  I got a few emails about them.  They are designed by Michael Sodeau. They come in other colors too :)

I have a sick little guy home with me today.  He usually goes to school on Fridays.  There go my plans today :)  Happy Weekend!!

1 comment:

Tina said...

Get well soon to PB. Happy Friday to you too!

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