Friday, February 24, 2012

Orange utility knife

I was cutting some cardboard this week for something I am making for PB's 3rd birthday party and I realized I was cutting with orange. :)  I also was cutting outside while PB played on the driveway because the weather was so nice.  I have had this knife since college.  It has cut tons of paper and boards for projects over the years.  I can't wait to show you what I was cutting cardboard for!!

This was a great week, I got to do a little sewing and I'll share some pics of what I made next week.  I had so much fun making it and picking out the fabric.  I did make a little progress on my reorganization 2012 list and am really hoping to cross off a ton of things on Sunday.  I made this Monster Cookie Dough Dip yesterday for a little get together at my house today.  It is so yummy, not very healthy, but yummy!

Happy Weekend!!

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