Thursday, February 2, 2012

Reorganization 2012: goodbye mail pile!

Happy Groundhog Day!! I love February.  This February is special because it is a leap year. Hubby and I got married on leap day.  This year we will get to celebrate our 2nd leap year anniversary meaning we have been married 8 years.  Hubby and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day so it's all about Groundhog Day and our anniversary in February :)  

Now on to the reorganization...

This is where the mail pile usually lives.  This is a tame week.  Most weeks the pile is as high as the ledge.  When the dirty dishes would get all piled up, there wasn't enough room on that counter to even set down a glass of water.  This pile made me crazy and I know it drove my Hubby crazy. Even after I went through the pile there would still be a little stack of papers left and they needed a home.  

I asked my clutter shark Mom to find me something that could stick to the fridge and hold a file folder. She found this.  

The magnet sticks to the fridge and the file holder hooks right on.

I picked up a fun 2 pack of folders in the dollar section of target.  The pile that was left on the counter could be split into 2 categories, coupons and important.  So I made some labels and stored all my papers.  

I hung it on the side of my fridge in the space where I keep my broom and mop.  A bonus, is it helps hold the broom and mop handles in.  It is out of regular sight and it makes me happy.  

The counter is so much bigger without that silly mail pile.  There is a little work that has to be done everyday to make sure it doesn't return.  I just have to open all the mail and recycle or sort it.  Oh and now I keep my magazines under the coffee table, that seems to be working.  

Do you have a mail pile that drives you crazy?  Have you ever gone to see the groundhog?  I am totally obsessed and really want to go one year :)


Gammie said...

Love the empty countertop!

Shanea said...

Happy Leap Year Anniversary...that is pretty cool. My mail system could use some reorganizing too. I like how you were able to utilize some "wasted" space. Small steps, right?

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