Friday, July 27, 2012

Orange Clothespin Painting

I painted this in college in my Painting II class.  I went to Drexel University in Philly, a year round school with 10 week semesters and this was one of my summer classes.  I will admit that I am not the greatest painter and this truly is the best thing I ever painted that looks semi-realistic.  I love abstract painting but that is not what this class was about.  There was lots of painting bottles with draped fabric, the subject matter was pretty boring.  7 weeks into the class I decided I wasn't going to paint any of the real colors that were there, and that changed everything and made it more fun for me.  Too bad I didn't figure that out sooner :) This hangs in our living room, next to the back door.  

It was a busy week and somehow we only crossed one thing off our Summer Bucket List.

SBL #3: Make ice cream.  This was a really yummy one :) This was a reward for PB being good all week while hubby traveled.  I used this recipe which required no cooking and cooling of ingredients.  It turned out pretty good.  We ate it right out of the machine and haven't eaten the leftovers yet.  

Look at our latest Zucchini!! Time to try a new zucchini recipe!

I have a sewing friend this week.  She kept me company while I sewed yesterday. We are dog sitting this sweet girl for 10 days!! we are having so much fun with her.

Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Finally sewing!

I am finally doing a little sewing! I haven't really made anything this summer.  Turns out summer with PB is too much fun! And when we have too much fun in the morning, his nap time is nap time for me too LOL! 

I am working on another baby gift.  One of Hubby's cousins is having her first baby.  She picked navy as her primary color.  I have to say I was pretty excited, like completely thrilled.  She is having a little girl and I was expecting to hear pink and brown because most of the girl gifts I have made were pink and brown.  Her color palate is really exciting and it has been fun working with these fabrics.  I'll share the finished products after the shower is over :) 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Orange stacking acrylic glasses

Sorry I have been MIA this week.  Hubby has been traveling the last few weeks and all these summer activities are making me so tired!! I am hoping to get some sewing in next week and maybe a new recipe :)
Hubby got me 4 of these glasses at Crate and Barrel at the beginning of the summer.  He really is the best! Now we can sit in our orange chairs and drink out of our orange glasses on the patio.  It really doesn't take much to me me happy.

We crossed a couple of things off our Summer Bucket List:

SBL #36: Stomp in puddles.  It finally rained after 3 weeks of no rain.  PB and I went out and enjoyed it.  He had puddles in his boots when we were done.  It was a blast.  

SBL #1: Go bowling- Done! Too bad I forgot to take a pic :) I guess we will just have to go again.

SBL #30: Go to the zoo- Done!

SBL #45: Read a new book- Done! I actually read the 50 Shades series when I was in AZ. I am not a reader.  I usually only read magazines so this was a rare occasion.  The last book I read was last summer when Bossypants by Tina Fey came out.  Before that, I am pretty sure it was an assignment, I just don't enjoy reading. But, I wanted to see what all the fuss was with the 50 Shades books so I read them. Anyone else read those books?  It wasn't the best book I have ever read, but it was fun to read.

Happy Weekend! Hubby and I are getting a little alone time this weekend and I am really looking forward to that :)

Friday, July 13, 2012

PB's orange handsome hat and outfit

I just had to share PB's handsome hat.  He picked it out at the store with the sunglasses.  He just thinks he is the best thing ever when he wears it.  He definitely gets a lot of attention when he wears it and he has this little attitude that goes with it. 

I know I am taking the lazy way out this orange Friday by just showing you pics I already had :) so here is a bonus...
My in-laws picked this up in Hawaii a year or so ago and it finally fits.  He of course thinks the handsome hat goes with it.  My little Tim Gunn knows how to dress an outfit LOL!!

And just one more because he was such a sweet kid this week...

We crossed something off our Summer Bucket List.  
SBL #2 Bring friends to the pool is done!
PB's friend, M, was swimming by himself in his floaties and PB decided that he was going to do it too.  Now he says he "swims like Michael Phelps!" We are pretty excited for the olympics coming up and watched the trials.  He can't wait to see Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte swim.  

I need to get moving on this summer list.  All this playing wit friends and going to the pool has been so much fun that we are forgetting to do our list!!
Happy Friday!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

for the love- auction item

I am thrilled today to be apart of a fantastic cause.  Cheri, over at I Am Momma-Hear Me Roar is doing an auction every week this summer called for the love.

I was lucky enough to be chosen to make an item for the auction and I chose my most popular tutorial, my zipper pouch!

Head on over to I Am Momma-Hear Me Roar to bid on this item.  The money is going to a great cause and you can read more here.  

Monday, July 9, 2012

Penne with pesto, tomato and fresh mozzarella

I have been enjoying this pasta all summer. Every time Hubby says he wants pasta for dinner, I make this.  I have a new obsession.  I love the way all the fresh ingredients taste with the pasta, so good!

It is so simple, here is how you make it:  Cook pasta according to the box.  When pasta is boiling chop tomato and fresh mozzarella cheese.  Drain pasta. I use this and I don't drain all the water.  Stir in pesto and tomatoes.  Plate and top with mozzarella and basil.  Serve with crusty bread if you like. We use 1/2 box pasta, 1/2 c pesto, 1-2 tomatoes and a small ball of fresh mozzarella to make it for just the 3 of us.  

PB loves it! He asks for seconds and requests "green pasta" for dinner.  

Here is why I love it:
I love that you can make as little or as much as you like, the recipe is very flexible.  I love that I only get one pot, one knife, one strainer and one cutting board dirty so barely any dishes to do after dinner.  I love the fresh tomato in there and I can't wait to eat my garden tomatoes like this.  I love that I use store bought pesto making this a super easy meal.  I love that I just have to wait for the water to boil and pasta to cook and stir it all together and dinner is done! It is the perfect busy summertime recipe.  I start making this at 5:30 and we are eating by 6!! 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Orange cutting board

This is an orange cutting board my friend, A got for me.  It is great because it is it's own little scoop when you transfer things to pots.  I have been using it to cut tomatoes to add to this new pasta dish I am loving this summer and will share next week.  I used it to help my hold my lemon peels when I was making limoncello.  I was supposed to finish it when I got back from AZ, but with being sick, it just didn't happen yet.  I guess my limoncello can only get more lemon :) 

I had to share this, we got our first zucchinis from the garden yesterday.  PB was pretending it was a phone.  

We also crossed a few things off our Summer Bucket List:
# 8: see fireworks is now complete and we are going to see more this weekend.
#7: do sparklers is complete.  PB was a little scared of the sparkler.  I poked a hole in a cup for him to hold the tip and that helped.  Last night he wanted to do more and he was a pro, not scared at all.  

#6: make s'mores is complete and will be ongoing :)  Hubby got a charcoal grill 2 weeks ago and made us an awesome meal for the 4th.  We roasted marshmallows on the grill when we were done with dinner.  They were so tasty!
Here is a messy, closer look.  I use 2 marshmallows and dark chocolate of course.  If you have Peanut Butter Cups, I highly recommend you use them for s'mores, it's unbelievable.  

Happy Orange Friday, and happy weekend!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


We planted our garden the weekend after Mother's Day.  This is the garden right before we left for AZ in the beginning of June.  we planted 4 zucchini plants and 8 tomato plants.

This is our garden now!

We already have cherry tomatoes coming in!!

And a couple of little jalapenos.
We planted Thai basil last year in this planter and the seeds were dropped from the plant and they grew this year! I was most excited about this because I didn't get a chance to save the seeds last year and the garden store didn't have any Thai basil this year.  If you have never added Thai basil to your stir fry, you are missing out.  It tastes so good!  

We also are growing oregano, basil, dill and parsley in planters around our patio.  I have 2 cucumber plants in the ground and they are starting to get big and flower.  I can't wait to make pickles again!
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