Thursday, February 12, 2015

Kitchen Reno final reveal

It's kitchen reveal day!!!! If only the real kitchen was done in 4 days and not 82 LOL

Here is the kitchen!!! The best pics I have are from when the House was decorated for Christmas.  We ordered new kitchen chairs after we decided the old ones didn't look right.   Can you see on the side of the breakfast bar? There is a waterfall counter top!!!! It turns and goes to the floor!!!!

The living room!!! I made the fireplace art. The couch is from CB2.   Here are a few before and afters:

Those are our old kitchen chairs and the wall that was removed. 


This is me cooking Thanksgiving in the new kitchen.  It was a true joy to make that meal.  Every time I cook, I am happy. 

This is the gallery wall I put up between the kitchen and living room. I am changing it out with the seasons.  This is the fall with a few things missing ;) 

Here is the completed christmas one.  I have the winter one up now.  I made everything that isn't a picture with my silhouette. 

I am so happy at home. I still get to visit my old kitchen because our favorite neighbors and friends both have the same house as us.  We all also have boys within a month of each other.  Must have been something in the water!! I hope you enjoyed a little peek into our reno.   If you want to see more it's all on Instagram @krisgoorsky or #kriskitchenreno.  All the up to the minute blood sweat and tears is there.  Yes there were sad tears and then happy tears when it was all done. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Kitchen reno part 3

Here is where we left off yesterday.  Everything was painted and beautiful.  

With any reno there are setbacks.  We had parts that needed to be touched up more so that meant more painting.  

Our flooring guys finally came back and finished the rest of the house!!! That was an amazing day!

It was starting to feel like home again.  

I painted the fireplace one night when hubby was traveling.  It was the last wall that needed to be done.  
All the cabinet doors went on. The blue is a protective film.  And after 2 weeks of waiting our counters were installed.  If you do an IKEA kitchen and decide to use them for counters just know that the large company that does them has a minimum lead time of 2 weeks.  During their busy time it's 6 weeks!!! I still think 20% off a countertop was well worth the 2 week wait.  Just something to think about if you are going to do an IKEA kitchen.  Also they won't come and template until all lower cabinets are installed. 
The greatest day of the reno was when the plumber came and gave us a powder room again.  My mom gave me that cabinet above the toilet for my birthday. 
The plumber also hooked up our sink (October 2nd)!!!! No more washing dishes in the tub!!!! That was truly the worst part. 
Hubby and I hung our new light.  My mom found it on overstock.  She is awesome.  
I also got my kitchen unpacked (October 6th)!!!!!!!!! Everything is put away and I can cook!!! Our kitchen would stay in this partially unfinished state for a month. The project started August 29th.  We had to wait for our back splash to be installed (November 10th) I peeled the blue protective film (0ct 31st) And our baseboards and other trim pieces weren't installed until November 18th.   So for thanksgiving I had a finished and amazing kitchen!!! Stay tuned to tomorrow for the Reveal!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Kitchen reno part 2

Here is part 2 of the Kitchen Reno!  It has been finished for 3 months.  It's fun to look back and see the progress knowing I can go in there and cook and I'm not living in the construction zone anymore :)

After the space was empty, Hubby, my mom and I all started painting. We had to paint in shifts so someone could keep the boys out of the house.  My mom had the best idea and we painted the hall closet! She is awesome.  Not just because she comes over an helps us but because we ate dinner at her house for a month.  She put up with us.  The painting and renovation was a treat for her, she loved that stuff.   

I painted the powder room.  I have always wanted a stripe in a powder room. Now I am living the dream.  (this room would be painted 2 more times!!! Once 2 weeks later when the Spackle guy touched things up in there and we didn't think he would.  Then a second time a few weeks ago when we found a nail had punctured a pipe and part of the wall had to be removed. Everything is fine now. Knock on wood.)

The bamboo floors went in the week after the demo was done.  Only the back half of the house got done though.  The whole order hadn't come in so we had to wait 3 weeks for the rest to be completed.  

Our contractor had electricians in to put can lights in and he built our new half wall.  

They installed the cabinets in one day!!! Our contractor was shocked and impressed with how easy the IKEA kitchen was to install.  I put together every single cabinet myself.  It was my goal to be able to say that.  Hubby did help with the really tall ones.  He knew how important it was to me to do that take alone.  There is nothing I love more then assembling things from IKEA. 

This empty stage lasted a week or so.  The boys LOVED sitting in the cabinets and talking.  It was adorable.  

Shelves and drawers went in.  I installed all of them. 

We painted everything ourselves.  PB said watching us was like watching HGTV.  LOL he is literally watching paint dry right here.  haahaaaa!!!!

Part 3 coming tomorrow!!!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Kitchen Reno part 1

I know, I totally disappeared.  Summer started and then the kitchen reno started the first week of PB's kindergarten.  It's been crazy, what can I say.  I am finally writing a few posts about it while I hide in the basement/procrastinate something I am supposed to be sewing :)
My contractor called me 4 days before he wanted to start work.  Hubby was traveling that week and my mom came over and we started packing the whole kitchen.  We also packed everything in the downstairs and moved it to her garage.  She is the best.  She helped me rip up carpet and baseboards.  We got 2 bagsters and filled them both up.  All the floor in the downstairs had to be removed, even the bathroom.  Turns out that wasn't installed very nicely and i could take it out with my bare hands.  

We packed up the playroom and got it ready to be our temporary kitchen complete with classy newspaper on the windows.  
JB was very sad when the awful pantry was empty.
Here is the before of the kitchen.  Even looking at the pics now, I can't believe how far it has come. 
 That tiny pantry I hated is right there.  These were taken the morning the demo started. Which was also the same day Hubby and I started dating 17 years ago!
The long look into the living room.  
All our stuff was packed up and this was the only room that had to be torn apart.  Hubby and I took that task on over the weekend.
Our contractor made quick work of our kitchen cabinets.  We donated them.  
Our powder room was demoed too.

We put the toilet out on the curb and took this embarrassing photo of PB first LOL!!!!!
Part 2 comming tomorrow :)
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