Monday, February 9, 2015

Kitchen Reno part 1

I know, I totally disappeared.  Summer started and then the kitchen reno started the first week of PB's kindergarten.  It's been crazy, what can I say.  I am finally writing a few posts about it while I hide in the basement/procrastinate something I am supposed to be sewing :)
My contractor called me 4 days before he wanted to start work.  Hubby was traveling that week and my mom came over and we started packing the whole kitchen.  We also packed everything in the downstairs and moved it to her garage.  She is the best.  She helped me rip up carpet and baseboards.  We got 2 bagsters and filled them both up.  All the floor in the downstairs had to be removed, even the bathroom.  Turns out that wasn't installed very nicely and i could take it out with my bare hands.  

We packed up the playroom and got it ready to be our temporary kitchen complete with classy newspaper on the windows.  
JB was very sad when the awful pantry was empty.
Here is the before of the kitchen.  Even looking at the pics now, I can't believe how far it has come. 
 That tiny pantry I hated is right there.  These were taken the morning the demo started. Which was also the same day Hubby and I started dating 17 years ago!
The long look into the living room.  
All our stuff was packed up and this was the only room that had to be torn apart.  Hubby and I took that task on over the weekend.
Our contractor made quick work of our kitchen cabinets.  We donated them.  
Our powder room was demoed too.

We put the toilet out on the curb and took this embarrassing photo of PB first LOL!!!!!
Part 2 comming tomorrow :)

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