Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Kitchen reno part 3

Here is where we left off yesterday.  Everything was painted and beautiful.  

With any reno there are setbacks.  We had parts that needed to be touched up more so that meant more painting.  

Our flooring guys finally came back and finished the rest of the house!!! That was an amazing day!

It was starting to feel like home again.  

I painted the fireplace one night when hubby was traveling.  It was the last wall that needed to be done.  
All the cabinet doors went on. The blue is a protective film.  And after 2 weeks of waiting our counters were installed.  If you do an IKEA kitchen and decide to use them for counters just know that the large company that does them has a minimum lead time of 2 weeks.  During their busy time it's 6 weeks!!! I still think 20% off a countertop was well worth the 2 week wait.  Just something to think about if you are going to do an IKEA kitchen.  Also they won't come and template until all lower cabinets are installed. 
The greatest day of the reno was when the plumber came and gave us a powder room again.  My mom gave me that cabinet above the toilet for my birthday. 
The plumber also hooked up our sink (October 2nd)!!!! No more washing dishes in the tub!!!! That was truly the worst part. 
Hubby and I hung our new light.  My mom found it on overstock.  She is awesome.  
I also got my kitchen unpacked (October 6th)!!!!!!!!! Everything is put away and I can cook!!! Our kitchen would stay in this partially unfinished state for a month. The project started August 29th.  We had to wait for our back splash to be installed (November 10th) I peeled the blue protective film (0ct 31st) And our baseboards and other trim pieces weren't installed until November 18th.   So for thanksgiving I had a finished and amazing kitchen!!! Stay tuned to tomorrow for the Reveal!!!

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