Tuesday, March 26, 2013

One Month

Guess who is one month old today!  Just checking in to share what has been going on around here.
I can't believe it has been a month already.  I have really enjoyed some time away from the blog snuggling my new little bundle.  I don't have a name for him on the blog yet.  His first name starts with D.  I feel like I need to get to know him a little more before I can nickname him :)

He has letters that spell his name in his room.  I did the same thing with PB to see how much he changed each month.  Right now he isn't much bigger than the letter!!

Baby is really awake and spends a hour or 2 awake here and there throughout the day. He loves to snuggle into me after nursing and sometimes he talks me into taking a nap with him :)

I am still working on the balance of 2 kids.  I don't have anytime for myself to do sewing or crafting.  I feel like all I do is breastfeed. I have been thinking of things I would like to make, maybe this break will really jumpstart my sewing. I have cooked a few meals, nothing too fancy and nothing worth sharing :) Baby doesn't sleep for very long at night, if i am lucky I get 2 1/2 hours of sleep at a time.  I am pretty tired since PB doesn't really let me nap during the day. 

I am back wearing my regular clothes!!! It was pretty surprising, but I am really excited.  I can't wait to be cleared to exercise and get back on my weight loss journey I started last year.  I really miss going to zumba and hopefully at my appointment I will be cleared to exercise again. 

I was thinking I would only take a break for march and would be back into action in April.  I think I am going to have to see how it goes.  Maybe when baby stops nursing so much all day long.  I am tired but I am enjoying every second of being a new mom and loving this little guy.  I'll try to check in again soon!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday PB!!!!

It's PB's birthday and he is 4!  
We did a photo shoot this weekend when the weather was beautiful. This was his favorite picture from the shoot.  He thinks he is so funny. 

The past 4 years have flown by.  He has changed so much!! Here is a look back at the last 4 years:
The top left is his birth pic, all 9 pounds and 22 inches of him!!!  He was 1 in the blue sweater.  Sticking his tongue out he is 2.  The last one with the sweet smile, he is 3.  

We are celebrating big today.  This is his first birthday on a school day and he is bringing snack.  He picked donuts.  I also decorated his doorway and the bathroom with streamers.  We have out of town visitors!!! My bro, SIL and Nephew are visiting for a few days :) We are going to go to dinner and end the day with ice cream cake and presents.  I plan to get a million kisses on those cheeks today too, if he lets me :)

PB is such a sweet boy and I am one lucky Mom.  We are so excited to be celebrating him today!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

It's a BOY!!!

Last Monday I went in for my 40 week and 2 days doctor's appointment.  Some high blood pressure got me a trip to the hospital to be induced.  I was having some high blood pressure problems the last 2 weeks of the pregnancy and they decided since I was full term it was a good idea to induce labor.  Less than 12 hours later, 11 minutes after midnight and 10 minutes of pushing, he was here.  
All 7lbs, 14 oz and 21 inches of him. He is amazing. 

Here is Hubby and I about an hour after he was born. I did not wake up that morning expecting to have a baby.  I was actually thinking I would be pregnant another week! So this was a great surprise. 

Well the greatest surprise was that we got another boy.  I am overjoyed to have 2 boys. MATCHING OUTFITS!!!! Need I say more?? PB was so excited to meet him.  He climbed right into my bed to see his baby. 

He couldn't wait to hold him and love and squeeze him.  It was the sweetest thing ever. The best part is the baby would open his eyes when he would hear PB's voice.  It is definitely the voice he heard most when he was in my belly.  PB never stops talking.  
Hubby and I spent some time alone in the hospital with the baby, that was a nice treat.

We got to take him home on our 9 year wedding anniversary.  What a great way to celebrate our anniversary!!

PB is so excited to be a big brother.  He asks to hold him all the time and likes to help me keep him awake when I am nursing.  PB gets me clean diapers and makes sure the dirty ones are secure in the bin.  He watches over him when he is in the swing or bouncer.  Every time the baby makes a noise, PB is quick to see what he is up to. He is incredibly proud to be a big brother and was thrilled to tell everyone his baby was born and it was a boy.  The nurse gave us a footprint sheet to give to PB so he could bring it to school.  I heard he showed everyone.  

I have been doing really great.  My recovery this time is much better than it was with PB.  I actually am starting to feel a little normal.  I have been enjoying my break from reality while my Mom takes PB to school and picks him up and Hubby does all the shopping.  I haven't worried about one meal thanks to friends, my Mom and Hubby.  All I do is nurse, snuggle and look at this sweet baby boy.  It has been a real treat.  I am going to enjoy this as long as possible.  So you probably won't see anything from me on a regular basis.  I am just loving being a mom so much right now.  Squeezing my 2 boys at the same time might be the greatest thing in the world.  
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