Friday, September 28, 2012

PB's "new" orange sweaters

Remember last week when I had grand plans to actually do blog posts this week?  Well the baby had other plans and wanted me to barf all afternoon on Monday :) I spent Tuesday recovering on the couch. Wednesday and Thursday are crazy days for us and this week they were extra crazy. Oh and the icing on the cake, Hubby traveled all week.  It wasn't a great week.  But there is always next week :)

A huge consignment sale is going on this weekend where I live.  They sell only fall/winter clothes and also everything else "kid" you can imagine at this one.  I actually consigned a few things.  I picked things that I didn't want to see again if I have another boy.  I consigned enough items to shop the pre-sale today.  Oh it was so worth it!! I got some great stuff!!! I also still high from the deals I got! 
This sweater just called to me.  It is definitely nerdy but I just love the orange, of course, and the print is fantastic. When I pulled it off the rack PB said he wanted it.  Can't argue with that, and it was $3!!

PB gets all the credit for this one, he picked it off the rack for $4.  I was shocked he was picking sweaters.  He said he can wear "daddy shirts" (button downs) under them.  He is just too much!

This is a twice a year sale so the next sale is in the spring and will be all spring/summer clothes.  The sad thing about having a boy is there is 1/3 of the racks of clothes as there are for girls. But if you are shopping for a boy that will only wear button down shirts, it is simple because there aren't many in there and they are all in good condition.  I mean how many boys like to dress like that?!!?

Do you consign or have a big consignment sale where you live?

Friday, September 21, 2012

Orange workout jacket

Hubby spotted this on clearance when we were shopping at Target one night this summer.  He agreed that I needed it.  I think he is trying to look out for me.  I wear a lot of black, and I mean A LOT. All of my workout clothes are black.  So it is kinds dangerous when we walk when it is getting dark out.  I will definitely be seen now, it is a really loud orange.  

I am happy to say that the all day nausea is over and I am back to working out.  I worked out 4 times this week already! It feels good to be back!  I still barf occasionally and sometimes spontaneously but that is way better than feeling sick all day.  

I know I disappeared this week.  I have a few fall photo shoots booked and one was last weekend.  I was busy cropping and retouching the pictures this week.  I don't think I ever mentioned that I have a little photo business on the side or that I have a B.S. in Photography.  My business is all word of mouth and I pretty much just do it for friends.  I worked at a photo studio when I graduated college and I know how frustrating that experience can be.  So I try to make it as easy and calm as it can be for my clients.  I got some really great shots last weekend and sadly I won't be sharing them here.  This blog is for me and I feel comfortable putting my name and face out on the interwebs but not my friends or clients.  But I am supposed to take PB's 3.5 year pics this weekend and I will share those :)

If you know me personally and are thinking, "I need to get some pics done this fall!!" Here is a little sad news for you, I am booked this fall and wont be booking any more sessions while I am pregnant. It is just getting to be too hard to take pics of the little ones when I can't lay on my growing belly.  I might be away from it for the next year after the baby is born while I am nursing too.  

I will hopefully be back next week to share a few things.  We are starting a big project in our house and I want to share that with you all.  Happy Weekend!!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Orange candle holder

This was a purchase I made yesterday at HomeGoods. 
I actually saw this candle holder when I was visiting my Mom in AZ in June.  Her HomeGoods had a bunch of these and i loved them instantly but had no way to get them home.  So I threw it out to the universe that if they are there the next time i go to my HomeGoods, then it was meant to be :) They had a white one and orange one left.  I was pretty excited! i allow myself to buy one thing I don't really need when I go there.  I want to redo the ledge in my foyer and I think this will look great up there.  I am not a candle person so I might remove all that metal and just have a pretty orange vase.

My HomeGoods is not exactly far but it isn't nearby either.  It is a place I like to go when PB is at school. So when he was at school yesterday I went.  I had a great time.  I just love walking around that store!  You never know what you will find.  I turned a corner and was surprised by...
... this giant rooster.  It made me laugh so hard.  My mom has a collection of roosters in her kitchen.  I was laughing my butt off at the thought of this guy in her house.  He is huge! Speaking of her house, she put it on the market this week!!! She is selling her house and planning on moving by me!! YAY!!! We have lived far apart for 10.5 years and it stinks.  So I am really hoping her beautiful home sells quickly and she gets out here soon.  

Here is a silly moment from PB and I this week:
He got some Waldo glasses in a kids meal.  We have been cracking up at each other in them.  
Happy Weekend!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Summer Bucket List recap

Well, summer is officially over.  PB started preschool this week. (YAY!!)

We had a bonus week of summer and we tried to get some last minute list items in there. Here is the original list that I wrote before I got pregnant and was sick 3/4 of the summer. I crossed 26 things off the list.

Here are a few highlights from the list that we crossed off:

#5 grill pizza.  #32 fly a kite.  #46 go to a baseball game. #1 go bowling

#31 go to the fair.  #2 bring friends to the pool. #50 Hubby wants to master the grill. #30 go to the zoo. My favorite one here is Hubby on that grill.  He is seriously a grilling master.  It's like he is one with the grill.  When he was cooking, we ate seriously well.  

So 26 out of 50 isn't great but I have excuses for the rest.

EXCUSE #1: Anything cooking related or going to a place that was too hot or has a weird smell (#24 go to the library) was out of the question. Everything was making me barf this summer.  So no smelling things or being hot.  

EXCUSE #2: All the garden related list items I neglected were not completed because...
...these little caterpillars chomped my large tomato plants down.  I was left with pretty much only cherry tomatoes.  There goes making sauce and salsa. 

EXCUSE #3: Home improvement projects that went undone like painting my bedroom, painting outside woodwork and getting a new patio door.  Hubby was working all summer long crazy hours and I was either barfing or sleeping so no projects were done. BUT last week I got estimates for a new door and we picked which one we are getting, I just have to call and order it.  

Sorry to all the people I wanted to have over for dinner.  Cooking for my family was hard enough.  We ate some pretty weird dinners that were pathetic.  Luckily Hubby was spared when he was traveling. 

I liked having the bucket list and making a goal for the summer.  I would definitely do it again.  50 items is probably too unrealistic for me.  Can't wait for next summer!! For now I am going to enjoy PB being in school 3 days a week :)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Masculine card swap

My MOMS Club ladies did another card swap last week.  Sadly Hubby was traveling so I just dropped my cards off and didn't get to party.  The theme was masculine cards. 
Here is my card.  I got the idea from mmmcrafts.  My collar doesn't pop up like hers does, probably because it was in the middle of the stack all week. I only glued half the collar.  Also I had a crazy hard time getting the stripes on the knot and on the tie going different directions. I kept cutting them out wrong.  I was making me so mad.  I did half one day and gave up.  The next day I had no problem making it work.  I guess it was just one of those days. 

I actually had a really great idea for a tool belt card.  The tools could be stamped on the card and then a tool belt made from paper could be assembled over them.  I liked the idea but it was just too much for me to buy.  I don't even have an ink pad.  I am not a stamper.  

Here are the cards the other ladies made:

More cute!!

Great job ladies!!! Our next swap is in November and it is holiday theme.  I am definitely moving back to fabric cards for this one.  Cutting all those paper pieces was making my brain hurt :)

Friday, September 7, 2012

Orange craving

I have a confession.  I might be addicted to these spicy Doritos.  This happened the last time I was pregnant too.  What can I say, I love to eat spicy things.  Yesterday we went to my favorite authentic Mexican place and I got to gobble up their spicy salsa verde and I loved every fiery minute.

My favorite part of eating these Doritos is the orange fingers.  YUM!! 

Hubby took the week off this week and it was so nice to spend some time with him.  I don't think I have expressed how much he has been working this summer.  We really only saw him the 2 hours between dinner and bedtime for PB and then he was back to the basement to work.  He also traveled quite a bit and the one trip we took to see my Mom in AZ he worked the entire time.  He was working weekends too.  It has been a crazy summer so him taking off this week was a big deal.  
We finally got to grill some pizza on our new grill.  Hubby got this pizza accessory for his birthday.  This weekend I wasn't sick at all and we got to try it out.  I made some AMAZING pizza.  We were joking about making pizza everyday after we tasted it.  A wood fired pizza just tastes amazing. This was our first time making it and we are going to keep making it and changing some things until we have it down perfect. What I love about making it on the grill is Hubby is responsible for the fire and I am responsible for making the pizzas.  Without each other we wouldn't have pizza :) 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! PB starts preschool next week (YAY) and I have been making some plans of things I want to share with you all. I also have to recap my poor attempt at completing my Summer Bucket List.  I promise to try to make that funny :)

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