Friday, September 7, 2012

Orange craving

I have a confession.  I might be addicted to these spicy Doritos.  This happened the last time I was pregnant too.  What can I say, I love to eat spicy things.  Yesterday we went to my favorite authentic Mexican place and I got to gobble up their spicy salsa verde and I loved every fiery minute.

My favorite part of eating these Doritos is the orange fingers.  YUM!! 

Hubby took the week off this week and it was so nice to spend some time with him.  I don't think I have expressed how much he has been working this summer.  We really only saw him the 2 hours between dinner and bedtime for PB and then he was back to the basement to work.  He also traveled quite a bit and the one trip we took to see my Mom in AZ he worked the entire time.  He was working weekends too.  It has been a crazy summer so him taking off this week was a big deal.  
We finally got to grill some pizza on our new grill.  Hubby got this pizza accessory for his birthday.  This weekend I wasn't sick at all and we got to try it out.  I made some AMAZING pizza.  We were joking about making pizza everyday after we tasted it.  A wood fired pizza just tastes amazing. This was our first time making it and we are going to keep making it and changing some things until we have it down perfect. What I love about making it on the grill is Hubby is responsible for the fire and I am responsible for making the pizzas.  Without each other we wouldn't have pizza :) 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! PB starts preschool next week (YAY) and I have been making some plans of things I want to share with you all. I also have to recap my poor attempt at completing my Summer Bucket List.  I promise to try to make that funny :)

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KendasCrafts said...

The orange crust on your fingers is definitely the best part of eating Doritos! Glad you are feeling better!

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