Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Summer Bucket List recap

Well, summer is officially over.  PB started preschool this week. (YAY!!)

We had a bonus week of summer and we tried to get some last minute list items in there. Here is the original list that I wrote before I got pregnant and was sick 3/4 of the summer. I crossed 26 things off the list.

Here are a few highlights from the list that we crossed off:

#5 grill pizza.  #32 fly a kite.  #46 go to a baseball game. #1 go bowling

#31 go to the fair.  #2 bring friends to the pool. #50 Hubby wants to master the grill. #30 go to the zoo. My favorite one here is Hubby on that grill.  He is seriously a grilling master.  It's like he is one with the grill.  When he was cooking, we ate seriously well.  

So 26 out of 50 isn't great but I have excuses for the rest.

EXCUSE #1: Anything cooking related or going to a place that was too hot or has a weird smell (#24 go to the library) was out of the question. Everything was making me barf this summer.  So no smelling things or being hot.  

EXCUSE #2: All the garden related list items I neglected were not completed because...
...these little caterpillars chomped my large tomato plants down.  I was left with pretty much only cherry tomatoes.  There goes making sauce and salsa. 

EXCUSE #3: Home improvement projects that went undone like painting my bedroom, painting outside woodwork and getting a new patio door.  Hubby was working all summer long crazy hours and I was either barfing or sleeping so no projects were done. BUT last week I got estimates for a new door and we picked which one we are getting, I just have to call and order it.  

Sorry to all the people I wanted to have over for dinner.  Cooking for my family was hard enough.  We ate some pretty weird dinners that were pathetic.  Luckily Hubby was spared when he was traveling. 

I liked having the bucket list and making a goal for the summer.  I would definitely do it again.  50 items is probably too unrealistic for me.  Can't wait for next summer!! For now I am going to enjoy PB being in school 3 days a week :)

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KendasCrafts said...

That's how last summer was for us. I felt like we did nothing! This summer was rather productive, however. So just remember, its temporary! Hope PB had a good first day of school!

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