Friday, September 21, 2012

Orange workout jacket

Hubby spotted this on clearance when we were shopping at Target one night this summer.  He agreed that I needed it.  I think he is trying to look out for me.  I wear a lot of black, and I mean A LOT. All of my workout clothes are black.  So it is kinds dangerous when we walk when it is getting dark out.  I will definitely be seen now, it is a really loud orange.  

I am happy to say that the all day nausea is over and I am back to working out.  I worked out 4 times this week already! It feels good to be back!  I still barf occasionally and sometimes spontaneously but that is way better than feeling sick all day.  

I know I disappeared this week.  I have a few fall photo shoots booked and one was last weekend.  I was busy cropping and retouching the pictures this week.  I don't think I ever mentioned that I have a little photo business on the side or that I have a B.S. in Photography.  My business is all word of mouth and I pretty much just do it for friends.  I worked at a photo studio when I graduated college and I know how frustrating that experience can be.  So I try to make it as easy and calm as it can be for my clients.  I got some really great shots last weekend and sadly I won't be sharing them here.  This blog is for me and I feel comfortable putting my name and face out on the interwebs but not my friends or clients.  But I am supposed to take PB's 3.5 year pics this weekend and I will share those :)

If you know me personally and are thinking, "I need to get some pics done this fall!!" Here is a little sad news for you, I am booked this fall and wont be booking any more sessions while I am pregnant. It is just getting to be too hard to take pics of the little ones when I can't lay on my growing belly.  I might be away from it for the next year after the baby is born while I am nursing too.  

I will hopefully be back next week to share a few things.  We are starting a big project in our house and I want to share that with you all.  Happy Weekend!!!


KendasCrafts said...

That is a bright orange jacket!! Your pictures on your blog are great! Totally makes sense that you are a photographer!

Shanea said...

Love the jacket!
You never cease to amaze me! You are so very talented. Keep taking care of yourself and growing your baby :)

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