Friday, September 28, 2012

PB's "new" orange sweaters

Remember last week when I had grand plans to actually do blog posts this week?  Well the baby had other plans and wanted me to barf all afternoon on Monday :) I spent Tuesday recovering on the couch. Wednesday and Thursday are crazy days for us and this week they were extra crazy. Oh and the icing on the cake, Hubby traveled all week.  It wasn't a great week.  But there is always next week :)

A huge consignment sale is going on this weekend where I live.  They sell only fall/winter clothes and also everything else "kid" you can imagine at this one.  I actually consigned a few things.  I picked things that I didn't want to see again if I have another boy.  I consigned enough items to shop the pre-sale today.  Oh it was so worth it!! I got some great stuff!!! I also still high from the deals I got! 
This sweater just called to me.  It is definitely nerdy but I just love the orange, of course, and the print is fantastic. When I pulled it off the rack PB said he wanted it.  Can't argue with that, and it was $3!!

PB gets all the credit for this one, he picked it off the rack for $4.  I was shocked he was picking sweaters.  He said he can wear "daddy shirts" (button downs) under them.  He is just too much!

This is a twice a year sale so the next sale is in the spring and will be all spring/summer clothes.  The sad thing about having a boy is there is 1/3 of the racks of clothes as there are for girls. But if you are shopping for a boy that will only wear button down shirts, it is simple because there aren't many in there and they are all in good condition.  I mean how many boys like to dress like that?!!?

Do you consign or have a big consignment sale where you live?

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KendasCrafts said...

i loooove consignment sales! The deals are awesome and most of the clothes are in pretty good condition. Awesome that PB likes sweaters. I think I would have to wrestle my guy to the ground to get a sweater on him. :-P

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