Friday, July 29, 2011

Orange car

Are you surprised that I drive an orange car?!?  This will sound crazy but when my Hubby and I were looking for a car for me I basically drove him crazy with only wanting an orange car.  He is pretty patient with me :)  I seriously love this car.  I love everything about it.  It is so spacious on the inside.  My favorite part is cleaning it.  There is no carpet so I can use a wet rag or mop and wash the floor.  I just did a big clean last weekend, my car really needed it.  I also took it to the car wash and it is super squeaky clean.  Happy Orange Friday!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

White Pizza

Lately when I make pizza I have been making a double batch of dough so I can make this white pizza.  It is crazy good and so addicting.  
I use the Basic Dough Recipe and that makes 2- 14 inch white pizzas. 

I top it very liberally with olive oil and then liberally sprinkle garlic powder, salt, and oregano.

PB is crazy for this pizza.  He eats it face down so all the flavor hits his tongue first, pretty genius.  As I write this post, he is yelling, "white pizza!!!" at me when he sees the pictures.  

We enjoy this for many days after pizza night.  I especially like it with a Caesar salad.  

You know you want some :)

Monday, July 25, 2011


The lovely and amazing Jenn over at Peas & Crayons tempted me with her wicked easy salsa.  Her garden tomatoes turned red before mine so I have been waiting and waiting for what feels like forever to make salsa.

Finally my garden is spitting out tomatoes almost faster than I can eat them.

Boy was it "wicked easy" and criminally delicious. Hubby and I polished off the entire bowl with dinner the other night.  Luckily I have more tomatoes so I am going to be making more today. 

Sorry Hubs, I don't think I will be able to make sauce with our tomatoes. I can't stop thinking about this salsa.  I made one change from Jenn's recipe.  I used lime juice instead of vinegar.  I really don't like vinegar; I can smell it a mile away.  I will say the lime is a fantastic addition and it really tasted like we were eating salsa from a Mexican restaurant.  

My jalapenos are starting to come in pretty quickly too.  I think I need to do some fridge pickled peppers. Thanks Jenn!!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Orange vase

This week was a hot one here!  So I picked my hottest orange to share this week.  This is a vase that sits on our fireplace.  A friend gave this to me a few years ago, a great friend that knows I love things that look like orange candy :)  Happy weekend!!! Stay cool!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dumping ground

I am about to share the parts of my house I am the most ashamed of. I was just looking at my Reorganize 2011 pics and my house is creeping it's way back to messy again! UGH!!

Does anyone else do this?:
This is the stairway to my basement. I wish the red carpet was the biggest offender here but it's my crap crafty pile.  My poor hubby has to walk around this several times a day. He even has to carry hot beverages past it. 

Here is my second dumping ground.  It's our old kitchen table in our basement.  If I can't balance it on the landing crafty pile, I will bring it to the basement and just put it on the table instead of taking the 10 seconds it takes to put it away.  Why can't I just put it away?

The table is fixed.  I am hoping that if there is nothing on it, we will keep it clean.  The worst part is that it only took 15 minutes to clear off the table.  The steps are another story :)  

Is there a space in your home that is a dumping ground?  

Monday, July 18, 2011

Zucchini overload

The garden gave us 7 zucchinis in just a few days!  YUMMY!!! Maybe 4 zucchini plants is too much for our small family.  We have been eating sides of grilled zucchini with everything.  Anyone have a good zucchini recipe I can try?  I am going to shred some for my Mom's zucchini bread and I have plans to do zucchini lasagna.  I definitely want to try to fry them up.  But I think I need some more ideas, they are coming in faster than we can eat them!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Orange ribbon pillow

Hooray for Friday!!! I let my cousin pick the orange this week.  She picked my orange ribbon pillow.  I made this with my crafty BFF, B.  It sits in my lounge and oranges up the place.  This week has been packed with fun!  We made pizza, cake pops, did some shopping and hung by the pool.  Now we are off to the chocolate store!! Happy Weekend!!

Monday, July 11, 2011


This weekend we went down to MD to visit my in laws and Hubby and I went out for crabs.  It was so much fun!!! This week my cousin is visiting!!! So I won't be very active here this week, but I will be back for Orange Friday! Have a great week!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Orange hot mess

We had all the carpets in the house cleaned yesterday and this is the mess I am still looking at this morning.  Maybe getting my carpets cleaned on a 100% humidity day wasn't the best idea.  There are still a few wet spots.  But I am sharing my hot mess because look at all that orange :)  What a happy mess! Happy weekend!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Doggie Bow Tie

We had a very cute visitor this weekend.  PB and Cooper were the best of friends.  It was so nice having a dog in the house again.  He is a Golden Doodle and is so fluffy and lovie. 

He is just way too cute so I had to make him something special.  So I made him a bow tie.  

I used Delia's tutorial for The Faker Bow Tie.  It is meant for little boys but it works so well for dogs :)  {Confession:  This is not my first doggie bow tie.  I made one for my cousin for her wedding.}  Delia's tutorial is beyond easy and fast to whip up.  Cooper was more handsome in minutes.  

PB is already talking about seeing Cooper again.  It really was a great weekend, hopefully he comes over again soon!!  We are dog sitting a girl doggie next month, I need to think of something to make her :) {i have a problem!!}

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

CMP S'mores

The 4th of July always makes me hungry for S'mores.  
I like to use dark chocolate when I made s'mores. When I was pregnant, in the middle of winter, I had an idea for a s'more.  But I never made it until this weekend.  

But before I get to the s'mores here is a peek at our weekend:
We went to a minor league baseball game.  

There was fireworks after the game.  They were "3-D fireworks."  We even got glasses to wear.

I took a pic through the glasses.  The glasses kinda made me nauseous :)

We have been dog sitting this weekend!  Peanut Butter was in time out and Cooper went to visit him.  I love having a dog in the house. The best part is that PB and Cooper are totally occupied by each other and like to play chase all over the house.  Cooper is so gentle with PB, it's sweet.

Hubs taught PB to cook marshmallows over the fire.  And now back to the s'mores!!

Here is the CMP S'more:
Reese's Peanut Butter Cup instead of chocolate bar.  I always use 2 marshmallows.  I like the marshmallow to ooze out everywhere.  

They were a hit with PB.  He really liked the Peanut Butter Cup in there.  His eyes got really wide when he bit into it.  I definitely want to try other candy bars in there.  I think next up is Caramello or those dark chocolate Ghirardelli squares with caramel.   We made s'mores with peeps last summer.  They get all caramelized on the outside. YUM!  

Friday, July 1, 2011

Orange key holders

Here are our orange dog butt key holders.  Who doesn't have these in their house?  If you have never seen them before, they are from IKEA.  A few years ago they made them in orange.  Confession: when IKEA was phasing out the orange ones I may have bought 4 more.  They aren't hanging anywhere in my house, I think they are in my coat closet.  I have a problem.  (I just went to the website and they are pictured in orange again.  More might jump into my cart when I go there next!)

Happy 4th of July, Americans!! We don't have big plans for the weekend but we are going to cook yummy things on the grill.  Hubs started making his chicken a new way and I am addicted.  We are going to see a minor league baseball game with 3-D fireworks after the game.  I don't know what 3-D fireworks are but I know we get to wear glasses!  Hubs is off for the long weekend and we are dog sitting.  I am so excited about dog sitting.  We used to have a dog and I absolutely love cuddling with a big dog.  I might have to make him something special while he is visiting :) If I can stop hugging him :) Happy weekend!

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