Tuesday, July 5, 2011

CMP S'mores

The 4th of July always makes me hungry for S'mores.  
I like to use dark chocolate when I made s'mores. When I was pregnant, in the middle of winter, I had an idea for a s'more.  But I never made it until this weekend.  

But before I get to the s'mores here is a peek at our weekend:
We went to a minor league baseball game.  

There was fireworks after the game.  They were "3-D fireworks."  We even got glasses to wear.

I took a pic through the glasses.  The glasses kinda made me nauseous :)

We have been dog sitting this weekend!  Peanut Butter was in time out and Cooper went to visit him.  I love having a dog in the house. The best part is that PB and Cooper are totally occupied by each other and like to play chase all over the house.  Cooper is so gentle with PB, it's sweet.

Hubs taught PB to cook marshmallows over the fire.  And now back to the s'mores!!

Here is the CMP S'more:
Reese's Peanut Butter Cup instead of chocolate bar.  I always use 2 marshmallows.  I like the marshmallow to ooze out everywhere.  

They were a hit with PB.  He really liked the Peanut Butter Cup in there.  His eyes got really wide when he bit into it.  I definitely want to try other candy bars in there.  I think next up is Caramello or those dark chocolate Ghirardelli squares with caramel.   We made s'mores with peeps last summer.  They get all caramelized on the outside. YUM!  

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Sam W. said...

oh my heavens. look at all that fluffy mallow!! love it.

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