Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Baby Present for B

I had a ball nesting and sewed a bunch of stuff for my BFF, B too!!
Here is the big pile.  I have a breakdown of everything but the Phillies fleece blanket at the top.  It is 60X60 and will be great to put down places for baby girl to play.  

Car seat blanket.  Fleece on one side, Knit on the other.  It is just big enough to tuck around the baby when she is in the car seat. They registered for a very neutral car seat so I wanted to make something that was obviously girly so people would know there was a baby girl in there. 

I made a stack of burp cloths using that same pattern I always use.  They really hug the shoulder nicely.  I made 2 that B's hubby would be happy to use too :)

B's fav color is purple.  So a purple boppy cover was in order. I have a paper pattern that I used.  

The top dark purple strap with 2 buckles turns any blanket into a nursing cover.  There is a tutorial over at I am Momma- Hear Me Roar.
The folded purple knit is actually a nursing cover.  It is a new pattern I tried out.  It was ridiculously easy to make, but I haven't gotten to try it out.  I will do a more in depth look at it after my baby comes.  You use knit and I used very light weight knit so it will be nice in the summer.  
Next are the pacifier clips from Made.
The hat I have made before.  This hat matches a swaddle blanket I made that somehow didn't make it into the pic.  

Here is the nursing cover I made her.  I used my tutorial to make it!

And last but not least, here are the knit hats I made.  I can't wait to see baby girl in them.  B is due in a month!! I am so excited for her!!!!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Orange Cornice Board and whole nursery

Here is the last orange nursery post complete with a view of the finished room!  
My Mom made the cornice board for over the window.  It really does finish off the nursery nicely.  We had no window treatment up before besides blinds. 

Here is a look at the rest of the room:
Lots of orange sprinkled everywhere.  The walls are beige.  We even have a little orange rug for the floor.  

The quilt on the wall was made by my BFF, B.  The chair is from IKEA, we got it before PB was born.  They still sell the chair, but not in orange.  The shelf units are still pretty empty.  The baskets have some blankets, burp cloths and other baby stuff in them.  The rest will get filled as baby gets stuff.  My Mom is going to help me out by getting letters of the baby's name after baby is born.  We keep those on top of the shelves.  They of course will be orange :)

So there is the finished nursery.  Now, I scheduled this to post last week.  Baby is due tomorrow.  I am going to be taking a break from Orange Fridays in March. Next week I am sharing the stuff I made for B for her baby shower.  That is this weekend.  I can't wait to give it to her!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Less than one week to go!

No craftiness today, just a little about what's going on here!
Here is my 39 week belly! I am actually progressing a little bit with this pregnancy and am 2 cm dilated. WHOOHOOO! I know I could just stay 2 cm forever, but it is still exciting.  I never got this far with PB.

It has been an eventful 2 weeks!!
I had to stay in the hospital for a few days.  The baby is fine, and I am fine.  I have kidney stones. I had to be in there for pain management.  It is seriously the worst pain I have ever felt in my life.  We are not sure if they have passed yet but I am managing the pain at home as it comes up. That is not the most attractive pic of me, but it is real.  That is after 2 nights in the hospital.  I went home that day and a special guy brought me donuts.  

Then I had to go back to the hospital this week for high blood pressure. 
Luckily when I got there, it was normal!! So all that pillow bringing and camera bag packing was all for nothing. But we are now super ready for the real thing!! This was my 3rd trip to the hospital in the last 2 weeks. Hopefully next time means baby is here :)

I had an ultrasound, sat on the monitor and met with the OB yesterday to talk about my blood work.  Everything was totally normal! The baby is measuring 8lbs and 11 oz right now.  The doc thinks I will be late :) I am pretty excited because I have some fun things planned this weekend!

Aside from kidney stones and some high blood pressure. I have been feeling great.  This baby kicks a ton and even has been letting me sleep some nights.  I have been hoping to be a few days late the whole time and I still feel that way.  I can do this for another week or so.  I am just starting to feel uncomfortable and it isn't too bad yet.

We are now completely and officially ready for baby.  The nursery had been done and now we have all the baby stuff back up in our living room all washed and ready to go!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nesting for #2: Nursing cover and more!

I finally finished sewing!! I sewed a few new things for my baby, most of the sewing I did was for B and her baby.  That I will share next week!!
I am having a thing with grey and yellow right now.  So when I saw this fabric I knew it would be perfect for my new nursing cover.  I used my tutorial

I also made 2 new boppy covers in white and grey.  I have a paper pattern that I used.  
The long orange strap is used to turn any blanket into a nursing cover.  Here are instructions for that at I am Momma- Hear Me Roar.
Next is the short straps, one is black and white the other is orange.  They are pacifier clips and I followed the tutorial at Made.  We didn't use a pacifier with PB and who knows if this baby will want one.  I thought this would work great to clip a bunch of rings or a toy so it doesn't fall to the ground even if we didn't use it for a pacifier.
The folded grey fabric is a new nursing cover I am trying out.  The patten is here if you are curious.  I'll share more about it after baby gets here and I get to try it out.  

Now we wait for baby.  I'll get another belly pic up this week and do a little bit of a personal post.  

Friday, February 15, 2013

Orange wall decals and changing pad

Another Friday and I am sharing more new orange in the nursery.  
This is the Orange changing pad is something I ordered from amazon.  The wall decals behind it are from my friend, J. There is a sheet of red dots in the pack too but PB claimed them for his big boy room.  

This is a horrible, dark cell phone pic of the decals. But what can I say, it's been a really, really, long week!!! 

I am due in 8 days and I feel pretty good.  I have been having a few problems but the baby is great and kicking me like crazy. You may start to see less of me here. I have some pics taken and posts to write and schedule.  Hopefully I will feel good enough to do that this weekend. I promise to update you when baby gets here!! Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lego Surprise Party

Before we get to the post, I have to say Happy Birthday to my Brother!! Happy Birthday, M!!! We love you so much!!!

PB's birthday is not long after my due date.  We talked to him about pushing his party back to April so it would be easier for me with the baby and then my Mom had a great idea.  She asked me why we were waiting when we could just do it early before baby comes.  Why didn't I think of that?!?! So we kept up with the April lie and decided to make it a surprise party :) His party was this weekend.

Maybe a surprise party was a bad idea.  PB got really mad and shy.  It was hilarious.  I was laughing so hard! It took him a few minutes outside with hubby to be ok with having the party. 

Yes, I usually go bananas on a party and make all the food and decorations and everything. (see Kermit party and Timmy Time party from years past)  I knew that was not an option this year since his party was scheduled 2 weeks before my due date.  I had to have all my ducks in a row and make it nice and easy for Hubby or my Mom to take over just in case baby decided to come early.
I booked a place called Bricks 4 Kidz, it is a franchise. I bought some snacks ordered a giant cookie cake and made some easy favor bags.  I did all of this weeks before the party and had everything waiting in hiding.

Check out the lego napkin holder and utensil holder they had at the party place. Cool idea!!

ALSO, here is a free lego font that I used to make name tags for their party bags.  Of course I forgot to take a pic :) 
Here is an example of what the tags looked like for the bags.  They were taped onto red bags.  I found the Lego graphic through a google search and changed the color of them.

PB had a few friends at the party. I know I am just showing him, but there were friends there, I promise. They played games.  There was a tower building competition and they built cars to race.

And did this cool spin art thing.

The spin art is built from legos and a lego motor with a plate taped on it. They also made little mini figures to take home.  
The cookie cake was a hit with all the kids.  I ordered it from the grocery store by our house.   Next time, no blue icing!!

Here is my 38 week belly with my favorite guys.  

 I never did a party at a place before and I have to say, I might be addicted.  I brought easy food, didn't have to clean my house and when it was over we put lids on all the food containers and just loaded them back in the car.  My Mom and Hubby were amazing help.  I really didn't do much at the party but take pictures.  It was the perfect amount of work for this pregnant lady.  

Friday, February 8, 2013

Orange crib skirt and sheet

I ordered an orange crib sheet on Amazon for the baby.  PB had an orange sheet too but the corners were ripping.  So I took his sheet and turned it into a crib skirt and got the baby a new sheet.  It is really hard to get a good pic of the skirt on the crib but it was really easy to make.   Maybe I should have taken a pic before we tied it on.  I guess in the nesting frenzy, I forgot :) whoops!  I got a few emails asking about the crib.  I got it on Amazon :) just like everything!!

I just measured the side of the crib and the height above the drawer and cut a rectangle a little bigger out of the sheet and serged the edges.  I cut 2 inch by 8 inch rectangles to make ties and sewed them to the top. The ties tie under the mattress to the metal frame.  When the crib is lowered, I can just tie the ties a little higher on the frame.  It was really quick and easy and it hides the stuff in the drawers :)

I am 38 weeks pregnant now.  My rings still fit and I don't feel like I am done yet.  I still feel good.  I got sick this week and I am on an antibiotic so that has taken some wind out of my sails.  No kitting a pile of baby hats this week.  I did a little sewing earlier in the week and made the push last night to finish 5 projects. I'll share next week.  
Hope you all have a great weekend!! I am super excited it's the weekend!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Basement Reveal: Play area and sitting area

Here is more of the basement!!! We still haven't hung anything on the walls.  But I thought if I waited until that happened to share some pics, you would never see the basement LOL.
We kept our old coffee table from IKEA with plans for it to be a play table in the basement.  Now, 5 years later, it's finally being put to use! 

Now for the horrifying before:
We called someone to pick up the table and we got rid of the bookcases.  

And the after:
We moved some of PB's tiny pieces toys down here so they would be nice and far away from baby.  His legos are going to go down here too.  

We replaced the bookcases.  The old ones were from IKEA but they were really old and the door sizes didn't match up. We decided to change it up and go with white.  I love the doors hiding all the books.  They are the greatest things ever :) I don't like looking at books. 

We also put in a PAX wardrobe.  I am still organizing that :) it holds our games, PB's games and I have a shelf of crafty stuff.  There is also space for toys in the bottom.  Right now we don't have the knobs put on so PB can't open it.  We might be hiding some birthday presents in there.

Now for the sitting area!!

Here is the scary before:
Talk about a pile of crap! We took the bed apart and are using the mattress in PB's room. That giant recliner is gone too!

AHHHHH so much better.  We actually use the space now.  Hubby set the Wii up down there and we have been playing some Mario Kart with PB.  Also, Hubby uses the TV when his co-workers come over.  They hook the computer up to the TV when they have stuff to work on together.  Hubby loves it.  

We just have to finish Hubby's workspace and PB's desk area.  Hopefully that will happen soon!!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Card swap!

Last week I participated in another card swap!
The theme was birthday maybe? I don't think we officially picked a theme but at the last swap the ladies said they really wanted some older boy cards.  I picked some snuggle fleece for the card.  I had to glue the fabric on, when I was sewing the fabric it was stretching all over the place and was really ugly.  I used fabric glue to glue it down to the card.  It seems like it is going to hold.  

Here are the awesome cards the other ladies made:
There were a lot of participants this time! 

I am not sure what the theme is next time.  I guess it doesn't matter, I won't be able to participate for a while after baby comes :)

Friday, February 1, 2013

Orange owl nursery art

Every Friday in February I am going to share something new and orange in the nursery!!  The nursery is officially done and all ready for baby :)
PB and I made an owl collage for the nursery.  The wings are his handprints.  We painted white and yellow paper with orange paint and made different textures in it.  Then I made a template and cut out all the owl pieces.  PB was really thrilled to see it hanging in the nursery.  He is so excited for the baby to come.  
The owl is hanging at the head of the crib. I used those 3M velcro hanging strips to secure it to the wall.  I have shared the orange zebra painting before.  That is also secured with the same 3M velcro strips.  It really keeps everything in place!!
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