Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Basement Reveal: Play area and sitting area

Here is more of the basement!!! We still haven't hung anything on the walls.  But I thought if I waited until that happened to share some pics, you would never see the basement LOL.
We kept our old coffee table from IKEA with plans for it to be a play table in the basement.  Now, 5 years later, it's finally being put to use! 

Now for the horrifying before:
We called someone to pick up the table and we got rid of the bookcases.  

And the after:
We moved some of PB's tiny pieces toys down here so they would be nice and far away from baby.  His legos are going to go down here too.  

We replaced the bookcases.  The old ones were from IKEA but they were really old and the door sizes didn't match up. We decided to change it up and go with white.  I love the doors hiding all the books.  They are the greatest things ever :) I don't like looking at books. 

We also put in a PAX wardrobe.  I am still organizing that :) it holds our games, PB's games and I have a shelf of crafty stuff.  There is also space for toys in the bottom.  Right now we don't have the knobs put on so PB can't open it.  We might be hiding some birthday presents in there.

Now for the sitting area!!

Here is the scary before:
Talk about a pile of crap! We took the bed apart and are using the mattress in PB's room. That giant recliner is gone too!

AHHHHH so much better.  We actually use the space now.  Hubby set the Wii up down there and we have been playing some Mario Kart with PB.  Also, Hubby uses the TV when his co-workers come over.  They hook the computer up to the TV when they have stuff to work on together.  Hubby loves it.  

We just have to finish Hubby's workspace and PB's desk area.  Hopefully that will happen soon!!


KendasCrafts said...

that's awesome! So excited for you! I love the bookcase with doors...great idea...and that car ramp looks like the best thing ever!

Shanea said...

looks fantastic. so much more living space for the family. love the closed bookcases too. you have really pulled it together.

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