Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nesting for #2: Nursing cover and more!

I finally finished sewing!! I sewed a few new things for my baby, most of the sewing I did was for B and her baby.  That I will share next week!!
I am having a thing with grey and yellow right now.  So when I saw this fabric I knew it would be perfect for my new nursing cover.  I used my tutorial

I also made 2 new boppy covers in white and grey.  I have a paper pattern that I used.  
The long orange strap is used to turn any blanket into a nursing cover.  Here are instructions for that at I am Momma- Hear Me Roar.
Next is the short straps, one is black and white the other is orange.  They are pacifier clips and I followed the tutorial at Made.  We didn't use a pacifier with PB and who knows if this baby will want one.  I thought this would work great to clip a bunch of rings or a toy so it doesn't fall to the ground even if we didn't use it for a pacifier.
The folded grey fabric is a new nursing cover I am trying out.  The patten is here if you are curious.  I'll share more about it after baby gets here and I get to try it out.  

Now we wait for baby.  I'll get another belly pic up this week and do a little bit of a personal post.  

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