Tuesday, May 28, 2013

3 months

JB is 3 months old already!!! He is getting so big!!
Another month went by and I have done no sewing.  I have been having a few adventures in the kitchen so hopefully I will have something to share soon.  

PB has been giving me a run for my money lately.  I think JB's face says it all in this pic.  LOL
PB has been a little jealous. He is really nice to his little brother but not very nice to me.  He is especially difficult when I am nursing the baby.  PB can be playing nicely in the other room and as soon as it's time to nurse, he gives me a hard time and acts out until I yell at him.  I started sending him to his room instead of giving him that negative attention over and over and that seems to be working.  At least I get to nurse in peace.  

 This little guy is so sweet :) He is sleeping the night and then some.  A few mornings I have had to go in and wake him up so we can take PB to school.  JB is so easy going and only fuses when he needs something. He has been cooing a ton but he only talks when PB is quiet.  PB is constantly talking so JB only talks sometimes.  

Here is the month by month comparison:
one month                              two months                          three months

I have some teacher gifts to sew, I'll share those soon.  Also we planted our garden and have been doing some yard work.  We dug up some bushes and moved them.  We are almost done with that project so that will be up here soon too!  
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