Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dumping ground

I am about to share the parts of my house I am the most ashamed of. I was just looking at my Reorganize 2011 pics and my house is creeping it's way back to messy again! UGH!!

Does anyone else do this?:
This is the stairway to my basement. I wish the red carpet was the biggest offender here but it's my crap crafty pile.  My poor hubby has to walk around this several times a day. He even has to carry hot beverages past it. 

Here is my second dumping ground.  It's our old kitchen table in our basement.  If I can't balance it on the landing crafty pile, I will bring it to the basement and just put it on the table instead of taking the 10 seconds it takes to put it away.  Why can't I just put it away?

The table is fixed.  I am hoping that if there is nothing on it, we will keep it clean.  The worst part is that it only took 15 minutes to clear off the table.  The steps are another story :)  

Is there a space in your home that is a dumping ground?  


Anonymous said...

No my house is spotless all the time. Okay okay! The bottom of the stairs is where I gather everything and throw it to be taken upstairs.

Sam W. said...

haha! nice work on clearing the table. our house is way too small to have too much of a dumping ground - a blessing in disguise, perhaps?! i do have a little pile right next to my side of the bed that can get bad at times.

Mike said...

Definitely the area is the closet by our door. I had to spend 3 minutes clearing crap out so I could get the dog leash, which we use every day!

Unknown said...

we are junk drawer people, like 5 in the kitchen

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