Monday, September 10, 2012

Masculine card swap

My MOMS Club ladies did another card swap last week.  Sadly Hubby was traveling so I just dropped my cards off and didn't get to party.  The theme was masculine cards. 
Here is my card.  I got the idea from mmmcrafts.  My collar doesn't pop up like hers does, probably because it was in the middle of the stack all week. I only glued half the collar.  Also I had a crazy hard time getting the stripes on the knot and on the tie going different directions. I kept cutting them out wrong.  I was making me so mad.  I did half one day and gave up.  The next day I had no problem making it work.  I guess it was just one of those days. 

I actually had a really great idea for a tool belt card.  The tools could be stamped on the card and then a tool belt made from paper could be assembled over them.  I liked the idea but it was just too much for me to buy.  I don't even have an ink pad.  I am not a stamper.  

Here are the cards the other ladies made:

More cute!!

Great job ladies!!! Our next swap is in November and it is holiday theme.  I am definitely moving back to fabric cards for this one.  Cutting all those paper pieces was making my brain hurt :)

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