Tuesday, July 3, 2012


We planted our garden the weekend after Mother's Day.  This is the garden right before we left for AZ in the beginning of June.  we planted 4 zucchini plants and 8 tomato plants.

This is our garden now!

We already have cherry tomatoes coming in!!

And a couple of little jalapenos.
We planted Thai basil last year in this planter and the seeds were dropped from the plant and they grew this year! I was most excited about this because I didn't get a chance to save the seeds last year and the garden store didn't have any Thai basil this year.  If you have never added Thai basil to your stir fry, you are missing out.  It tastes so good!  

We also are growing oregano, basil, dill and parsley in planters around our patio.  I have 2 cucumber plants in the ground and they are starting to get big and flower.  I can't wait to make pickles again!


Shanea said...

Home grown is the way to go...great garden. I have never heard of Thai basil.

Alice Wong said...

I wish for the great of success in all of our destiny endeavors

Esmeralda said...

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