Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Our 2nd/8th Anniversary

 Hubby and I were married on Leap Day in 2004 on the beach in Negril, Jamaica. 
We used to celebrate every year with a traditional wedding gift and then for our 1st/4th anniversary we decided to go on a trip.  Then the next year I was pregnant with PB so we decided just to go out to dinner.  The past 2 years we just celebrated with a nice dinner. When you have a kid the best gift of all is a quiet meal out :) But since this year is our real anniversary, we are doing gifts.  The traditional anniversary gift is bronze/pottery and the modern is linen/lace.  They are not very inspirational but I did think of something.  I'll share later in the week, we haven't exchanged gifts yet today :)

I really can't believe that we have been married 8 years already.  It seems like more HA!! Well, we have been together for 14.5 years.  We actually went to the Senior Prom together...
as friends. 

 My Hubby is the most loving, supportive, trustworthy, thoughtful, kind, sexy, fun, smart, lovable person.  I am so lucky to have him as my partner. I love traveling with him and I love how we both will walk until our feet fall off to see a new city.  Hubby is the best father and seeing how amazing he is with PB makes me fall in love with him all over. I love that he knows exactly what I am thinking and always makes me feel special.  He also knows when I need chocolate :)  
I feel lucky that he is the person I get to have all these life experiences with.  He is so much fun to be with and I love doing anything and nothing with him.  
Happy Anniversary, sweetheart, I love you! I can't wait for a quiet dinner tonight with some adult beverages :)


Joe said...

Spoiler alert: I'm wearing the white tux jacket to dinner tonight.

Shanea said...

Awwww! He sounds like a keeper! Congrats on your anniversary. I LOVE Negril, you look so happy in all of the pictures. Enjoy your festive night!!

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