Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's pancakes

I made PB some special pancakes this morning. I had this idea last night to make heart shaped pancakes with heart shaped strawberries...
My plan was to put them in the pancakes.  I don't have a heart mold as you can see. I put the pancakes mix in a zip top bag and cut a tiny hole in the corner and then drew the hearts on the griddle.  It was more difficult then I thought it would be.  I did have to clean up the shape a little bit with my spatula.  

PB was happy.  He loved them!  I don't make scratch pancakes, in fact I wish I had the mix that you just add water to to have less to clean up now.  

This is the first time we celebrated Valentine's Day.  Since Hubby and I don't do anything I kinda forget about the holiday.  I got a little last minute gift for PB.  

Only this kid would be excited about a button down shirt or as he calls them, "Daddy shirts."

Hope you have a lovely day!

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