Friday, December 10, 2010

Orange on my Christmas Pillows

Orange is not a typical color for Christmas.  But for our house it makes sense, there is no way we can de-orange our house.  This pillow was a placemat that I got at an after Christmas sale at Target for 50 cents!!! There were only 3 left which was perfect for our couch. I used a seam ripper to open a little seam in the bottom and stuffed it full and then whip stitched it shut. I made these a few years ago and I always look forward to putting them out every year.  Yes we do have a red couch, before you gasp in shock, we couldn't find an orange one when we had to buy a couch, but this will be my next couch... someday.  (ACK when looking for the link i saw that they are sold out of parts of the couch.... OH NO!!!!!)

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