Monday, March 19, 2012

Reorganize 2012: Craft Area

I know I shared this before, but I know you want to see this mess again!
WOW!! It was a huge mess of fabric, but I still had no trouble working or finding things I needed.  But Hubby could barely walk to his desk.  
This is what hubby could see from his desk.  

This is the worst part.  My pile looks like it goes from the shelf to the floor.  YIKES!

ahhhh... the after.  So much better.  Oh look there is a table next to my desk! I do have a few things on there that are on my immediate make list.  

Now this is what Hubby sees when he turns around.  He can walk to his desk without tripping on anything.  It still looks like organized chaos. My pile of batting and stuffing is out of control, but that will go down when I finish the 2 quilts I want to make.  I did not go through my yarn, which I desperately need to do and get rid of things I am not going to use.  It is starting to not fit in my yarn bin, so it's time.  I wanted to get to it, but there just wasn't enough time.  

I sorted all my fabric and put it away except for these 2 containers.  One is all baby fabric and the other is plain white onesies in sizes 3m-24m.  I think I am going to make as many things as I can with the baby fabric and sell the items.  Not sure when I am going to get to do that, but hopefully soon. I wanted those bins to be my in-progress bins to help me keep focused on what I am working on.  So I might get a container to hold the baby fabric so I can use those.  

I did not go through my shelves and bins and get rid of things as planned.  The system I put in last year really is working.  If you look at last year's after picture it looks way better than it does now, but I did get more stuff and have a big to do list. I am hoping to get through that list this summer.  I also made 14 sets of baby gifts last year. So I do have some leftovers from those projects.  I am disappointed that I didn't get to make more progress down here, there just wasn't enough time.  

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erica said...

Your mess looks better then my spare bedroom/storage room mess! The craft area looks fabulous now! xo

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