Friday, March 23, 2012

Orange IKEA storage boxes

When I went to pick my mom up at the airport I made a stop at IKEA.  My fav storage boxes went on clearance for 1.99 for 2 smaller boxes and 2.99 for 2 big boxes.  I couldn't resist and picked up 4 of each.  Yes that does total 16 boxes, but it's 16 ORANGE boxes :) AND they were on clearance so you know they are getting rid of their orange inventory.  I wish I could have taken them all and given them a good home :)

That brings me to the last place in my house that was Cluttersharked before my Mom left... My Craft Area.

I know you are thinking, "But Kris, you claimed that it was done on Monday this week!" Well I was done, and then the cluttershark saw these boxes and said that space needs some help.  

Here is the before...
My scrap bins were over flowing.  and those silver boxes never held their labels and were stuffed.  

Now with the new bins everything fits much nicer.  I actually have room for a few more scraps and can access them much easier.  It definitely looks much nicer.

the baby fabric and onesies were in the bins that I wanted to use as work in progress bins to keep everything organized.


Now they fit in these nice boxes.  I am excited that all my baby fabric is together and I can't wait to start busting my stash and making things to sell!

It feels good to have my in progress bins back.  The right one is holding everything for PB's i-spy quilt.

The Cluttershark also pushed me to go through my yarn.  Now it all fits in one bin and I only kept the yarn I know I will knit with.  My Mom is the best! I am so lucky I have her come visit and light the fire under my butt that I need to get my life back together.  It felt good to get things accomplished and cross some things off my list.  Most of the things only took 10 minutes.  We spent an hour and a half dong my craft area, entertaining closet and table in the basement.  Pretty awesome!

I know I promised to share PB's party this week.  Pics will be up next week.  Stay tuned for Monday when I share tips from the Cluttershark herself :) Happy weekend! maybe cross something off your list that you have been putting off!

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