Friday, March 2, 2012

Orange canister

Happy Orange Friday!
This was a really great week.  Hubby and I had a really nice anniversary dinner out and we even exchanged gifts.  This was our 8th anniversary and the traditional gift is bronze/pottery and the modern gift is linen/lace. This is an orange canister I found to hold the lace part of his gift.  I made pizzelles, one of his favorite cookies that his aunts make.  A huge thank you to Aunt B and R for sharing the recipe with me and Maria for letting PB and I come over and play with Cooper and snuggle baby C and use your pizzelle maker.  

The bonus of this canister is that it is pottery :) I was looking for a cookie tin that was nice but when I saw this at TJ Maxx, it jumped in my arms (and so did a few other things.) For linen my mom suggested some really nice linen paper.  So I used that box to hide the rest of his gift which was a gift certificate for us to go get couples massages when my mom is here in 2 weeks.  I know your thinking, "what about bronze?" well turns out if you want to buy your hubby a sculpture of 2 lovers embracing, then bronze is an easy gift for you.  After spending hours searching on the internet for ideas, bronze and I are are never speaking ever again.  And a huge thank you to my mom because she helped me figure out this gift on a panicked phone call while I was in the mall.

Hubby did not go the traditional gift route and  got me a sparkly bracelet.  It is lovely.  Our dinner was perfect, quiet and romantic.  We enjoyed a couple of adult beverages and shared a chocolatey dessert that was amazing...

Chocolate truffle cake with salted caramel popcorn, vanilla ice cream and caramel.  It was awesome.  I love that they wrote in chocolate on the plate.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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