Friday, March 9, 2012

Orange joie fresh flip bag clip

My friend A gave me this clip.  I have never seen a clip like this.  I have to say, it works really good.  I don't eat crackers often and they have been fresh tasting for the last 2 months.  I think that's pretty great.  I think it would be hard to use on a bag that is wider because if you try to put more than the one layer of bag, it's really hard to close together.  For small bags, it's great!

I was reading my People Magazine the other day at lunch and I was excited to see this...

ORANGE!!! a whole page of it! Then a few pages later...
ORANGE eye shadow.  I don't think I can pull this off as much as I want to.  I think maybe my Hubby would think I was nuts if I dressed head to toe in orange and then was wearing this eyeshadow.  HAAHAA I would look crazy!! 

I am loving all those orange accessories on the first page.  I do wear orange accessories but I mostly wear black and sometimes a shirt that has color.  I do have an orange shirt I like to wear.  I am so glad orange is so hot this year!! You have to check out this post by Jessica about some of the things Pantone is putting out this year in orange over on How About Orange.
Anyone going to try to add some orange to their wardrobe?

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