Friday, March 16, 2012

Orange Inchbug orbit label for sippy cup

PB says his favorite color is blue and the perfect color to go with blue is orange!! I ordered these labels for PB's cups at the beginning of the school year.  They come in a 4 pack and you can have them say anything you like OR pick from ones they already have printed up.  PB's name didn't come in orange, so I did a custom label with his first name and last initial.  We have had them for 6 months and they look brand new.  I was writing his name on the bottom of the cup, but it kept wearing off and I had to keep doing it ever week.  

I read in the comments that some buyers order them with the child's name and their cell number and stick it on their child's ankle and if they get lost, there is a way to get a hold of the parents right away.  I thought that was a pretty smart idea.  We just use them for the sippy cups. Inchbug has no idea I am singing their praises, I just like sharing when I find something useful.
My Mom has been here all week! We have been getting things ready for PB's party.  We also had a girls day in NYC.  It was pretty fun, we haven't had time alone together since I was pregnant with PB.  We took the bus and chatted the whole time.  We walked and had the most amazing pasta for lunch.  Then we saw Sister Act on Broadway and laughed so hard.  What a fun show!  I am savoring every moment with her, she is leaving in a few days :(
I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!! Happy Orange Friday!

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