Wednesday, August 24, 2011

3 baby gifts and a sneak peek

Well, I finally finished!!! It has been the year of babies for my and Hubby's family and I finally finished sewing the last of the baby gifts.  PHEW! 
Here are the other gifts I made this year: 123, 4, 5, and 6

Baby gift #1
boppy cover and pillow, nursing cover, crinkle taggie toy, taggie blanket, and burp cloths

Baby gift #2
tie onesie, boppy cover, blanket, nursing cover, crinkle taggie toy, burp cloths

Here is a look at those nursing covers.

Baby gift #3

And now a sneak peek at the fabric I bought to make something just for me:
I am planning on making another 241 tote. The one I made at the beginning of the summer is looking a little sad.  I am going to make this one 115% larger than the last one.  I am pretty excited to be sewing something just for me!!! YIPPIE!!


Shanea said...

Love the graphic fabric! (for your next project)

You have been so busy- great work!!

Sam W. said...

you are amazing! lucky babies :)

it is definitely time for something for you!

Sam @ fitness food & faith

Shelby from said...

I love the nursing covers and yours are so great!!! I have three kids and so wish these had existed (or i had known about them!) with my first two. My youngest is nursing now and the cover is such a lifesaver! You have some lucky gift recipients!

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