Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Monogram and Tie Appliqued Onesies

And yet another post about my nephew's loot :)
I have made a few appliqued shirts before.

There is a tutorial for them here.

They are seriously my favorite things to make.  I get to use up my fabric scraps and it is a quick and easy gift.  I have a bunch of white onesies in a variety of sizes around the house so I can whip one up and add it to my gift.  

Here is a close up of an appliqued monogrammed onesie.  I made one for our new baby cousin a month or so ago.  Letters are definitely more challenging than the tie, but you just have to go really slow with the sewing machine when you stitch around the letters, that is the secret.  I also applique monogrammed some shirts to go with the skirts I made recently.  

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