Thursday, June 9, 2011

skirts times 3

I got to make some skirts!  I have been tagging skirt tutorials in my google reader for "one day."  Since I have a boy I always think "maybe" when I see a skirt or dress pattern that catches my eye.  Well I finally got to make my first skirt and I didn't just make one, I made three!! I made them for PB's friends from school.  He has triplets in his class and their birthday is coming up.  
Their Mom asked me if I knew someone who monogrammed.  Luckily I did not and I got to do some applique on shirts and make them matching skirts. I have an applique tutorial here.

Mom even had me make some quick small versions of the skirts for the dolls.  What a great idea!  The fabric is seersucker.  I never used that before and it was easy to sew with. 

I followed Dana from MADE's Simple Skirt Tutorial.  It was just as it says, simple.  These skirts came together very quickly and her tutorial is amazing of course.  

I got a little taste for sewing for a girl.  It was pretty fun.  I think I need to be more adventurous with sewing for PB.  I really want to dive into making him some clothes now.  And maybe matching outfits for PB and nephew :)


Sam W. said...

girl triplets?! how fun!! love the skirts - great job.

Unknown said...

those are adorable

Abby said...

Too cute. I love that you can make a doll size one!

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