Monday, June 13, 2011

Crinkle Taggie Toy Tutorial

My Nephew has arrived!!! Mom and baby are doing great :) I am so excited to be an Aunt!! 
In honor of my nephew, here is a baby tutorial!

If you have a kid in diapers then you have exactly what you need to put the crinkle in the taggie toy.  It's a wipes refill bag!!  How many have those have you gone through?  I have been saving mine and filled a container.  I have a ton.  Good thing I have been saving them, there are 6 babies that are joining our extended family this year and I have 4 friends having babies this year too.  I have a boom on my hands!! 

They are seriously easy to make and If you sew, you probably have everything you need on hand.  PB loved his crinkly taggie toy, i made a bunch for him.  He found one the other day and was still loving it.  

Let's get started!
You need:
1 empty wipes refill baggie
(if you only have the small travel size, use 2 and cut them open and sandwich them together)
Fabric scraps the size of your wipes baggie.  2 fat quarters would work if you don't have scraps.
12 ribbon pieces cut to 3-4 inch segments.  Use any color you like.

*I always use one fun fabric and one black and white with a strong pattern.  Black and white pattern gets the baby's brain moving!
Cut the wipes refill bag so it lays flat and is either square or rectangle in shape.  

Cut your fabric to match the size of the refill bag.  Layer the fabric right sides together and lay them on top of the refill bag.

Here are my ribbon pieces.  

Fold the ribbon in half and place between the fabric with the edges of the ribbon on the edge of the fabric.  

I pin the ribbons 1 in each corner and 2 on each side.  

Sew around the whole thing leaving a space between 2 of the ribbons to turn it right side out.  Sew using a 1/4 inch seam allowance.  I sew with the refill bag face down, I have tried it both ways and this is easier.  
After you sew, cut the corners.  Then turn the taggie right side out.  

Pin the opening shut.

Sew around the outside with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.  Make sure the hole is closed.  

Here is the finished crinkle taggie toy.  I made this one for my nephew.  The best part is that they can easily be washed in the washer.  Make sure you air dry it :)


Samantha {Moody Mama} said...

Love this tutorial! Thanks for sharing :)

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons said...

awww fun! =) I'm totally making this when I get preggo! <3 it looks so simple! but you're a wiz so duh you'd make it look easy =)

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