Thursday, June 23, 2011

Boppy Cover, swaddle blanket, car seat blanket, hat

Here is the boppy cover, hat, swaddle blanket and car seat blanket I made for my Nephew.

JoAnn Fabrics sells nursing support pillows.  On the package there is a pattern for a cover.  It does fit a bobby pillow.  I made a Boppy for one of our cousins and kept the pattern.  It is really easy to sew up and there is an invisible zipper at the top so it is really easy to get off and on.  My mom picked up the pillow for me since I had to mail their gift to them.  

The hat you have seen before on here.  I got this fabric on red tag and since there are so many boys arriving this year, I picked up a few yards.  

Lastly I made a swaddle blanket in blue and a car seat blanket in the pattern.  My SIL and Bro live in AZ and baby is coming right in the middle of some hot weather.  I made the car seat blanket 20X20 inches.  They will need the blanket when they take the baby into a cold grocery store.  I folded over the edges 1/2 inch twice and sewed them in place with a 1/2 inch seam allowance and a zig zag stitch.  The blue swaddle blanket I modeled after one of PB's swaddle blankets.  I made this out of a lightweight knit so the baby won't get too hot when he is swaddled.  You might recognize this blue fabric, I had it leftover. Free swaddle blanket... awesome :)  I folded over the edges 1/2 inch twice too and sewed them with a 1/2 inch seam allowance and the zig zag stitch.  When I sewed the knit, I stretched it as i was sewing. 

Here is my nephew in the swaddle blanket!  We were away visiting them the last 10 days!  It was so much fun :) 

Sorry I didn't take more pics of me making these gifts.  I was on a sewing mission with a deadline and it just didn't cross my mind.   Next time I make some blankets, I will do a proper tutorial.  

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