Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Leftover: Steak and Chimichurri Panini

Remember the thin sliced steak and chimichurri recipe I shared last week?  
Here is the first leftover:
  I added brie cheese and spinach to the steak and chimichurri for a really yummy panini.  We made these paninis indoors on our electric griddle and pressed them with our panini pan lid.  So they aren't very panini on the outside, just squished, melty and crispy.  The next time we made them on the grill and it was so fantastic that I couldn't be bothered to stop eating to take a picture.  

The steak is sliced thin, against the grain, chimichurri is spread on both sides of the bread and the steak is topped with brie cheese and fresh baby spinach. Hubs uses Parmesan cheese on his panini instead of brie.  This sandwich is the reason I buy a way too big steak.  I love the leftover meals we have.  I have another one to share tomorrow.  

Now that is summer it is nice to have some easy meals in the fridge so we can get dinner together quickly and not have too many dishes keeping us from enjoying the summer nights.   

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