Monday, June 27, 2011

Leftover: Chicken Cutlet Sandwich

This week I made Chicken Parmesan and made a few extra cutlets so I could have an easy leftover meal later in the week.  I am always going to make extras, this sandwich was amazing and I only dirtied one pan to make this dinner.  I love where there is barely any clean up!

 I used a baguette for the roll and topped it with some Provolone cheese. Since I am not a fan of Provolone, I had mozzarella cheese in my sandwich.  I warmed up the chicken cutlets in the toaster oven and sliced them to fit on the roll. I sauteed some baby spinach in olive oil with garlic and red pepper flakes for the sandwich too.  This sandwich was Hubs idea, there is a sandwich shop nearby that makes a similar sandwich with pork.  


Sam W. said...

YUM!! i love this kind of leftover meal. sounds delicious!

Unknown said...

oh yes please, I would eat the whole thing.

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