Monday, April 18, 2011

Birthday and Baby Gifts

I have been sewing up a storm this week.  My house is a mess but it was worth it!!  AND the binding is done on my nephew's quilt!!! FINALLY!!!! WHOOHOOO!!!!

Another one of PB's friends turned 2 this weekend.  He loves balls so I whipped him up a baseball themed apron and chef's hat using this pattern.

PB's teacher is about to have a baby any day now and she had her last day this week.  I wanted to make her something special because she has been so great this year.  This is her 4th baby!  I wanted her to have something new and special for #4.  

I made her a nursing cover. Here is my tutorial.

I also made her a taggie toy. This is the front and the back matches the nursing cover.  

Here is the front and back of the quilted burp cloth. 

I also made a bib that has a snap closure and is lined with vinyl.  I can't find where I got the pattern online but I printed out it before PB was born.  The pattern comes with a pocket option. 

This is just some of what I worked on and finished last week.  My sewing machine has taken over the kitchen table.  My craft space and Hubs' workspace are back to back so I can't sew when he is on the phone.  I had to relocate so I could get everything done.  I am working 2 more baby gifts for a friend and cousin this week and sewing a bunch of stuff for my nephew. 

Hope you like to see baby stuff! That is pretty much all I am making right now!! I'll make up some tutorials for the things I am making so you can make some too!!

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Sam W. said...

super cute projects! love all the presents for your son's teacher. she'll love them!

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