Friday, April 29, 2011

Orange toothpaste squeezer

Hooray for Orange Friday!! Here is my little orange toothpaste squeezer. It helps me get every tiny bit of toothpaste out of the tube.

Also this toothpaste is how I keep my teeth looking white. I get asked how I get my teeth so white all the time. Usually it is by a stranger at the store, or a cashier when I get my groceries. It is always very nice to hear because I am mildly completely obsessed with them being white. I used to do whitestrips as often as I could. But now that I found this toothpaste, I haven't needed to do them. I also don't drink coffee, rarely drink iced tea or soda, and I use an electric toothbrush and I really think that helps. So there is my secret to white teeth. If you are insecure about your smile try the toothpaste and the whitestrips they really do work. But look for a coupon online, don't pay full price :) Happy weekend!!

1 comment:

Sam W. said...

i love our toothpaste tube squeezer too!! i'm bad about drinking coffee, but try to keep the teeth nice and sparkly. makes such a huge difference!

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