Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Oranging up my Kitchen

My Mom has a rooster collection in her kitchen. It used to be a much bigger collection.  In our house growing up there was even rooster wallpaper in the kitchen.  I think there were something like over thousands of roosters if you counted them all in the wall paper.
Anyway, this rooster was in my Mom's kitchen for a few years and when she moved she gave him to me for my kitchen.  He was a country blue and I spray painted him silver.  

My Mom liked him again when he went silver, she thought of stealing him back :)  He has been silver for 9 years.  I was getting tired of the silver and he was blending in too much to the wall color.  

So outside he went for a few coats of spray paint.  It was pretty rainy weather when I did this so it took over a week to get him completed.  My tip is to wash what you are spray painting really good with soap and water and dry throughly.  This guy was dirty from being on top of the cabinets.  Next, do lots of very light coats with the spray paint.  You don't want to have any drip lines.  I also turned him upside down for at least one of the coats to get under the grooves.  It is really tempting to just blast the crap out of it with spray paint, but resist.  

Look at how orange he is now!! I love him.  Now that he is orange, I know my Mom won't try to steal him back :)

I think the rooster adds a nice pop up on top of my cabinets.  I like to have something orange in every direction you look in my house :)  

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Sam W. said...

lovely!! he really makes a statement now :)

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