Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Reorganize 2011: Spice Cabinet

My spice cabinet before.  It was getting frustrating to cook. I was always knocking spices over and out of the cabinet when I would try to look at the labels behind the bottles.  There were some spices in there that we never use and some were very old, like I got them from my Mom when she moved... in 2002.  yikes!!

So I emptied the cabinet, threw out the old spices and vacuumed.  Then I got out my little friend...

My label maker.  I labeled the tops of every bottle.


It is so much easier to cook now. I also labeled the shelves into categories so when Hubby cooks, he knows where to put them back.  This only took about a half hour and I watched Oprah while I labeled everything.  

Do you have spices that are older than 6 months? How about from 2002? Maybe it's time to get your spices together :)


Unknown said...

Great idea...I found a spice from 2002 the ohter day myself...I need to organize

Sam W. said...

oh no...this is totally something i need to do. my spices are a nightmare!!

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