Monday, January 10, 2011

Child's Apron and Chef's hat

Peanut Butter's friend had her 2nd birthday party this weekend.  I wanted to make her  something fun so she could help her Mommy in the kitchen.  I followed this pattern from Homespun-Threads.  I used her size guide for the apron but changed the pocket and followed her fantastic directions for the hat. It was so easy.  I got to use my gather stitch again.  I love all the projects I have been making lately, I am really learning a lot. 

I asked PB to try on the hat and apron.  He cried, but I took pics anyway :) He was happy to put the apron on but I think it was the hat that made him sad.  My favorite part is the yummy fabric.  I am craving cupcakes now!

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