Friday, January 7, 2011

Reorganize 2011: The List

Today I made a list of everything I want to get done under my New Year's Resolution to reorganize the house. It is quite a list. I think that if you are going to tackle the whole house it helps to break it down into rooms. My tip is to be very specific with your line items so there is something to cross off after you complete a task. Saying clean out clothes might take a few days, so I break it down to drawers and closet. This means if I am feeling really motivated I can tackle the whole closet and If I am feeling lazy I can do a few drawers and still get to cross something off the list.

So this is going to be my nap time adventure for the next 2 months. Hopefully I get to cross a few things off this weekend, like taking down the tree. But I don't plan on cleaning during every nap time, I need time to be crafty too :)

I'll post some before and afters and give you some tips that I learned from the clutter shark (my mom) along the way.

New Years Resolution #1
Reorganize the house from top to bottom by Peanut Butter’s Birthday (March)

Take down Christmas  (completed 1/7)
Take down Christmas tree
Take down outside lights

Master Bedroom
put away floor piles
clean out all drawers in dressers
clean out night stands
clear and declutter shelves

Master Closet
Go through clothes and purses and purge
Install shoe shelves
Install purse shelf
reorganize clothes on shelves

Master Bathroom
Clean out cabinet and drawers
Medicine cabinet

Guest Room
Wash dust ruffle and redo

Laundry Closet
Declutter and reorganize shelf

Linen Closet
Declutter and Reorganize

Guest Bath
Clean and organize vanity

PB Room
Declutter room of baby stuff
Clean and redo closet

Get new sink and faucet installed
Declutter and Reorganize top cabinets
Declutter and Reorganize bottom cabinets
Declutter Drawers
Clean freezer
Clean Fridge
Clean and organize pantry

Butler’s Pantry
Install Cabinets and Countertop

Living room
Go through toys and organize
Declutter entertainment center
Declutter baskets in coffee table

Coat Closet
Get rid of old coats
Declutter shelves
get rid of shoes and organize
Redo closet shelves?

Leather treat furniture

Declutter downstairs
Declutter and redecorate ledge

Organize entertaining closet
craft area- purge and organize shelves and bins
toys- pack up some and organize others
storage areas continue to unpack, purge and organize
Hubby’s office organize
Get rid of the to donate books

Bring everything to donate
Get rid of Grill


Mike said...

Sounds like a plan!!! I love the "don't sabotage future Kris" one... Here are my two: Tif and I will clean 15 minutes a piece every day... we are on day 7 and our house has never been so clean AND we have actually dusted. The other one is to get in a habit of going 20,000 steps a day. I am at 15k now and running more in the morning and walking during lunch should get me there!

Shanea said...

Great list! Good luck with getting it all done in time. It does help to write it all down. It seems as if everyone wants to declutter and organize, what is up with that? I am putting my plan in motion next week, this week was just trying to get through the sadness of getting back to work and having a whole yr until Christmas ;(

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