Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

This is me and my wonderful hubby at midnight toasting with Kriek.

This weekend I have been thinking a lot about resolutions. There were a few years where I didn't make any and other years where I broke the ones I made within a few days.  Last year I came up with my only successful resolution, reorganizing my house.  I gave myself a deadline, Peanut Butter's birthday in March, and I completed it.  Hilariously my house now looks just as bad as it did last year at this time, maybe even worse.  My hubby travels a lot in the 4th quarter and I am a naturally messy person. I need someone to keep me in line or I can get really messy.  To be clear: messy, not dirty.

So this year I have 3 resolutions.  
1.  Reorganize the house from top to bottom by Peanut Butter's birthday.  My favorite part of this resolution is that my Mom, the clutter shark, will be back at the beginning of March. She will clutter shark my butt if it isn't almost all the way completed.  I like to save a little for her, she really likes to bust some clutter.  I started calling her the clutter shark because one time when she was visiting she was circling the mail pile on my counter for a few minutes.  She was actually walking around my island in a circle and then finally couldn't hold back anymore and attacked it like a shark.  She is one of a kind.

2.  Don't sabotage future Kris.  That means no saving dishes from dinner until tomorrow.  No leaving dry laundry in the dryer all day or overnight .  No eating a bunch of junk making future Kris' jeans tight.  (stupid past Kris ate a bunch of cookies in December and now my jeans are tight.)  The past few months I feel like I am treading water and not moving forward.  It is terrible feeling like you can never catch up, so that ends now.

3.  Try 8 new restaurants with my Hubby.  I know I can do this one.  Hubby and I have gotten into a rut.  Anyone who knows me knows my obsession with a taco restaurant nearby.  I go there at least once a week usually more. I always get the same thing and when I was pregnant I went there so much we joked that Peanut Butter was made out of tacos.  Part of this resolution is to get us to break our delicious routine but also to get me and my Hubby to plan more date nights this year.  Sometimes we are having so much fun with Peanut Butter we forget that it is important to make time for ourselves to have alone time as adults.  

So hopefully by putting this out here it will keep me accountable.  So far I haven't sabotaged future Kris, I am starting the organization today, and Hubby and I talked about restaurants we want to go to.  The next few weeks you will probably see some recipes and some organization and hopefully I start one of the two quilts I want to make before June.

Here is a toast to 2011 and to all of you for stopping by, Happy New Year!


Jenn @ Peas and Crayons said...

I love the "don't sabotage future kris" resolution!!! ohmygosh too funny! and what a great idea! =)

I'm going to practice this one today.. which means I have to stop blogging and start cleaning! womp womp!

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

Kris @ said...

LOL!!! I need to get off my computer and start cleaning too!! i even ate lettuce for lunch, maybe future Kris' jeans will be a little looser.

Jessica said...

Sounds like good resolutions to me! Hope you are able to keep them.

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