Monday, November 1, 2010

Purse Swap

 I signed up to be apart of the Super Style Bag Swap over at Sew, Mama, Sew!  My swap partner was Olivia from 3inunder3.  She told me that she likes "modern graphic or floral fabrics" and she's "not really a blue girl."  I used Anna from Noodlehead's Runaround Bag Pattern, and it was so easy to follow! Thanks Anna!!
My fabulous best friend, who helps me make all my important fabric decisions, helped me decide on the fabrics.  I decided to pull the brown and do a plain bias tape on the edge.
 I followed the pattern's instructions to do a phone pocket.
And even tackled my first zipper.  It was so easy!! 
I can't believe I was scared to do zipper pockets!

  I really was excited how this bag came out.  I never followed this pattern before and it was so easy.  My favorite thing about my swap partner, we both forgot to take pictures of our bags before sending them, so we had to email pics we took to each other.  Thanks Olivia for the great pics!

And now for the bag Olivia made me:
It is a lovely cool grey.  I love the shape.

It has an awesome flower detail using....

 ...the awesome patterned fabric on the inside.  I love how it is calm on the outside and crazy on the inside.  Anyone who knows me will think that this is the perfect bag for me!  Thank you so much Olivia for the fantastic bag!!! I had a blast swapping with you!!!

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Kristina said...

Both bags are great!

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